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TSD 3600 Telephone Security Device from AT&T

TSD 3600 Telephone Security Device from AT&T
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The AT&T TSD 3600-E is identical to the currently produced CSD 3600. It is a high security portable telephone security device based on digital negotiated public key encryption technology. There is no need to carry and plug in hardware keys, or key codes into the unit prior to use. The small calculator sized TSD 3600 is simply inserted between the telephone handset and the telephone base unit, an operation which literally takes seconds. When installed you can place and receive calls as usual to any other telephone. But, at any time after a connection is made with another TSD 3600 equipped telephone (or CSD 4100 equipped phone) you have the option of "Going Secure" with the simple press of a button on the unit.

When placed in secure mode, the two TSD units digitally negotiate software keys, much the same way your SSL equipped browser does when securing your web connection with your bank or credit card company. Though this exchange is in the open, even if the line is tapped, or someone is recording the initial key exchange over an open extension, this information can not be used to decrypt the subsequently encrypted call audio. After this negotiation is complete, the two units lock in secure mode and display an indication of this status. You can then speak normally, without fear that your conversation is being overheard or recorded. The unit boasts extremely high voice quality and normal listening volume. An eavesdropper on an extension will hear nothing but digital hash. As an additional security precaution, during the course of the call, security codes are continuously exchanged and displayed on an LCD display on each unit. You can verbally exchange these codes and compare them at any time during the conversation to assure the units are still locked and be certain no third party is trying to eavesdrop on your call.

The TSD 3600 units operate in pairs. Three units can not be used with three way calling while in secure mode. They offers universal telephone system compatibility. A number of modules are included which enhance the units compatibility with common business telephone systems, as well as with virtually all public telephone systems. Thus, the user can use the phone system of their choice, be it analog and digital, worldwide.

The digital information exchanged between two TSD 3600 units is highly encrypted. When these units were first introduced in the 1990s, there was considerable consternation between law enforcement and governmental agencies that the use of these types of units could make wiretap surveillance difficult, if not impossible, and certainly beyond the reach of state and local agencies. You can find a number of documents discussing this issue online today. Despite leaps in technology in recent years, these units remain extremely secure, and decryption of the data passed between them, while not theoretically impossible, is extremely difficult, requiring vast computational resources and likely beyond the capabilities of those you are trying to elude. As such, they are perfect for personal and domestic security applications, inter-agency communications, as well as a wide range of corporate and financial transactional security applications, especially when traveling or operating in locations where the security of phone lines are easily compromised. Don't risk your security!

The AT&T TSD 3600-E is available from a number of online sources at prices of up to $3495.00 each. While supplies last, we are offering a limited quantity of these state of the art telephone security devices at a cost of $150 for one unit, and only $270 for a pair. They are factory new and boxed, complete with instructions, adapter modules and power cube. Export is restricted. Supplies are strictly limited!