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Bird Flying Into Window

Bird Flying Into Window
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Window alert decals will keep birds from flying into your windows of your home.  Here's how they work and what birds can see.

You will receive 4 decals with each order.  Choose from Butterfly, Leaf Pattern, Hummingbird or the NEW Design Snowflakes - Now Available (See Example Below).

Birds and Vision:

Birds enjoy sharper vision than humans. Birds can see certain light frequencies--including ultraviolet--that humans cannot see.

In fact, many songbirds have feathers that reflect ultraviolet light. This light is used to communicate species, gender, and perhaps even social standing. Birds can see this ultraviolet light under normal, daylight conditions. Humans require the assistance of a black light.

Why do birds see better than humans?

  1. Both birds and humans have photoreceptive 'cones' in the retina located at the back of the eye. These cones allow us to see color light. The human eye contains 10,000 cones per square millimeter. Songbirds, for example, have up to 12 times this amount or 120,000 cones per square millimeter.
  2. In humans, these photoreceptive cones consist of three types. Each cone is sensitive to red, green, or blue light. This is called trichromatic color vision. Birds have an extra cone for quadchromatic color vision. This extra cone expands the visible light spectrum, allowing birds to see ultraviolet frequencies.
  3. During low-light conditions, both humans and birds rely on photoreceptive ‘cell rods’ in the retina. The human eye has 200,000 cell rods per square millimeter. Some birds, such as owls, have up to 1,000,000 cell rods per square millimeter.
  4. Bird eyes, on average, account for 15% of the mass of the bird’s entire head. Human eyes, by contrast, account for less than 2% of the head.
  5. Bird retinas, in contrast to humans, contain no blood vessels. This prevents light scattering and thus provides birds with greater visual acuity than humans.

In sum, your favorite songbird will notice WindowAlert decals the MOMENT you place them on your window.

Decal Placement: Here are three ideas to help you when placing your decals

  1. Bird strikes often occur when birds can see through one window, across the inside of your home or office, and out another window. In short, they think they can fly through your home or office. In this case, position your decals to block this line of sight.
  2. Bird strikes occur when birds see open sky reflected in your window. This may occur, based on sunlight and the time of day, in certain windows of your home or certain areas of a large window. Use the decals to break up this reflection of open sky.
  3. Male birds often stake out a particular territory. When they see their own reflection in your window, they mistake it for an intruder and attack. This is particularly true of the Northern Cardinal. Place the decals on the window under attack.


Place Decals:

Awarded Best Humane Wildlife Innovation by Peta Proggy 2007

A staggering number of birds die each year when they crash into windows that they can't see. That's why PETA was thrilled to learn of WindowAlert, a clear decal that reflects ultraviolet light, which is visible to birds and allows them to steer clear and stay safe. We at PETA have equipped the windows of our Norfolk, Virginia, office with WindowAlert decals; if you don't have them on the windows of your office building or school yet, please ask the folks in charge to get them. The blue jays, robins, and woodpeckers of your town will be extremely grateful!

Customer Testimonials:

“Great product! With many birds attracted to the feeders around my house, flying into windows had been a problem in the past, but since I put up these decals, not a single bird has flown into a window. EVERYONE should use them!!!” Patricia – Monroe, CT

“I work at a car lot with a lot of glass. We've tried a lot of products and nothing has been as successful as WindowAlert in preventing unnecessary bird deaths.” Tony – Lexington, KY

“I received my order from last week- it's great. Please send me 50 more - we're also telling friends about them.” Debra – Seville, OH

"Last summer we purchased and installed your WindowAlert decals and we are elated with the outcome. Prior to the installation we were finding 12 to 18 dead birds (of all species) per year under our large picture windows. This was very disturbing to us as we built our mountain cabin to be in and with Mother Nature, and here we were killing it off. Since we installed the WindowAlert decals, we have had NO bird deaths, the decals really work. We highly recommend them. David and Nancy - Boulder, CO

“I hope your product helps me as I had a FLYING, WILD TURKEY break a second-story window that cost $5,000 to replace. The turkey broke the outer glass of the thermo and walked away, a bit shaken. Please rush my order and thank you.” James – Williamsville, NY

“At first I only had two WindowAlert decals on one of the windows and a bird did hit it, but not hard, and flew away. After I put all four decals on each window, we haven’t had a bird attempt to fly through the windows. The decals are transparent and do not interfere with the view. This is a great product and I would recommend it to anyone who is concerned about the loss of birds flying into windows. Thank you.” Juanita – Madras, OR

“I think this is a wonderful idea and wish many more folks knew about it...I will be telling others and hope you make it a point to do so also…” Lynn – Stanwood, WA

“A very good product. Excellent customer service.” Warren – Tomahawk, WI

“I received my three envelopes about a month ago. I have had three birds hit the window and fly right away. Only one bird hit so hard that he got knocked out, and as usual I put him in a box, brought him inside for fifteen minutes, then put the box back on the porch where the little black capped chickadee hung out another ten minutes and flew away. I know these little maple leaves are doing a great job because these four ‘hits’ would have been in one typical day instead of one month. I am so happy that I have found your product. Thank you.” SueAnn – Jeannette, PA

“I am buying these as a gift for my parents. They have several bird feeders and large windows.” Paula – Orange Park, FL

“Excellent product. Promptly delivered.” Patrick – Woodlands, TX

“What a wonderful idea! Great for Christmas...” Susan – El Cajon, CA