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Eagle Eyes Amazonia

Eagle Eyes Amazonia
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New Eagle Eyes Premiere Series

EAGLE EYES "Amazonia": This style is available in our new Premium Series combining science and art with our Patented Polarized TriLenium-Gold Lens System making them perfect for all lifestyles!

Welcome to the world of Eagle Eyes - a world like none you've seen before! The origin of Eagle Eyes began at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where scientists developed the dual-action technology of both enhancing human vision while protecting eyesight from the sun’s harmful UV radiation.

NASA’s researchers looked to nature for a solution – in particular, by studying how eagles can simultaneously distinguish their prey from their surroundings with utmost precision, while protecting their eyes from the daily exposure of harmful high-energy sunlight. Their findings revealed that eagles have unique oil droplets in their eyes that actually filter out all harmful radiation and permit only specific wavelengths of light to enter their eyes resulting in extremely powerful visual clarity. NASA replicated this same technology into what now have become Eagle Eyes -- a leader in sunglass wear!

Testimonial: J. Olsen Palm Harbor, FL

"I can see through water and actually see the rocks on the bottom. 

When I take them off I just get glare."


Conventional sunglasses can actually blur your vision by allowing harmful UV rays in and darkening useful, vision-enhancing light rays. Slip on a pair of Eagle Eyes and be amazed. Everything is more vivid and sharper. You’ll immediately notice that your eyes are more comfortable and relaxed and you’ll feel no need to squint.

Our revolutionary Patented Polarized TriLenium-Gold Blocker Lens System Blocks 100% of Harmful Blue, Violet & UltraViolet Light Rays at 475nm while Allowing Vision-Enhancing Green, Yellow, Orange & Red Light Spectrum In!

The Result? Unparalleled Visual Clarity, Contrast and Definition. Don’t Be Fooled – Only Eagle Eyes Offers the Original, Patented Polarized TriLenium-Gold Blocker Lens System!

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