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Eagle Eyes Stimulight Extremes

Eagle Eyes Stimulight Extremes
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Our exclusive line of glasses are specially designed for those who need extra visual acuity during low-light conditions. Whether it's sitting at the computer enjoying the outdoors in foggy or hazy weather....or working on your favorite hobbies, you'll find Stimulights are perfect to relax, renew and regenerate your eyes while enhancing your vision!

Seeing Is Believing

You'll notice the difference immediately!  Slip on a pair of Night Eagle glasses and see dramatic change in your nighttime vision.  Objects appear sharper, more defined without the distortion caused by glare.  Many in public safety have found Night Eagle glasses indispensable.

They Really Work!

The scientifically designed lenses used in these glasses have the amazing ability to significantly reduce such potential hazards such as oncoming headlights, streetlights, neon signs, rain slick pavement and snow banks - all the things that make driving miserable and dangerous.  Night Eagles work great in low light conditions too, such as rainy, overcast or cloudy days and at sunset.

Welcome to the world of Eagle Eyes - a world like none you've seen before! The origin of Eagle Eyes began at NASAís Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where scientists developed the dual-action technology of both enhancing human vision while protecting eyesight from the sunís harmful UV radiation.

The Technology

Scientific research involving the human eye's reaction to various light sources, especially in low light conditions, led to the development of the unique technology. 

These unique "night vision enhancement" glasses give new meaning to the words "night vision."  The unique laser lens coating and filters offer dramatic improvement in your nighttime vision.  Objects suddenly appear sharper, more defined - without the distortion caused by bright light and glare.

Night Eagle lenses selectively filter out scattered light, glare and reflection, allowing only clear undistorted light through.  You see more clearly with the light available.

Special anti-reflective ionized laser hydrophobic quartz hard coat all but eliminates "bounce" glare which improves visual acuity in most low light situations and reduces eyestrain.  These highly acclaimed lenses have U.S. and international patents pending.

Maximum Eye Protection

Night Eagle lenses are created using an optical quality polycarbonate material for maximum eye protection.

The lenses are treated with patent pending multi-layered filters and a scratch-proof ionized laser anti-reflective quartz hard coating.  These lenses are so tough that they can be repeatedly struck with a hammer and not even crack.  In fact, they resisted a 12-guage shotgun blast (bird shot) from 15 yards away!

Testimonial: Officer Jaime Kiefer, Sterling, CO

"Eagle Eyes has excellent durability, look and fit -- they're the only way to go!

The clarity is unmatched and offers the protection I need."


Testimonial: Lt. Neal Rein, Tactical Instructor, 29 Year Southern California Police Veteran

"Eagle Eyes Stimulights dramatically improve my ability to see more clearly in all low light, hazy nighttime and wet weather conditions.

They also eliminate the distracting glare from oncoming headlights, streetlights and reflections."

Night Eagles are the highest optical quality, multi-layer ionized laser lens technology that improves your low light visually acuity.

State of the art eye gear designed with the most advanced sight enhancement / protection lens technology available today.  Superior to all others, they are lightweight, comfortable and rugged.

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