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Neoair Enviro Air Purifier HEPA

Neoair Enviro  Air Purifier HEPA
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Neoair Enviro 68108

Want the best air purifier you can buy. Proven technology with no harmful Ozone. NEOAIR ENVIRO, order today.

Neoair Enviro 68108 Home Air Purifier comes with 5 Air Filtration Stages. This air purifier features a filter system, which consists of a washable pre-filter, and a HEPA filter which captures 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns. The Enviro 68108 reduces smoke, harmful gases, odors, absorb and decompose harmful bacteria in the air thus reducing air pollution and improving air quality in the your home.

Neoair all-in-one air purifier delivers multiple functions air cleaning technologies in one compact device. It combines proven technologies such as HEPA Filter, Carbon Filter and exclusive OFS antibacterial technology. The benefits are obvious: It does a better job cleaning your air, costs less than several stand-alone devices, takes up less space, and uses less energy than separate units.

Whether you want to remove bacteria, dust and pollen from the bedroom, drastically reduce cigarette smoke in the den, or rid the baby's room of diaper pail odors, the Neoair Enviro can handle all your needs. Every room is full of potentially harmful airborne pollutants; most are virtually invisible to the naked eye but still extremely tough on our health. The Noeair enviro 68108 advanced features can automatically detect and drastically reduce them, helping you and your family live more comfortably.

The Neoair Enviro 68108 is not your common air purifier. It represents the future of air purification technology.

Independent Tests

Ozone Free Air Purifier

Ozone Free Certification

Applied Consumer Service independently tested the Neoair Enviro 68108 and found it is ozone free. This test really sets Neoair apart from the competition because many air purifiers in the market produce ozone in one form or the other. Ozone is irritant to allergy sufferers and is dangerous to the health at certain level.

Click here to see the original test

Bacteria Reduction Test Bacteria Reduction Tests

Independent test results conducted by the CHN Center for Disease Control and Prevention institute for Environmental Health and Related Product Safety show that the O.F.S. filter killed 97.7% of certain airborne bacteria in a mid-size room after 6 hours of operation.

Click here to see test result (translated)

NEW O.F.S. Filter Technology

O.F.S. stands for Organic Fiber Sterilization technology.

Independent test results conducted by the CHN Center for Disease Control and Prevention institute for Environmental Health and Related Product Safety show that the O.F.S. filter killed 97.7% of certain airborne bacteria in a mid-size room after 6 hours of operation.

Most filters only capture bacteria, acting like flypaper for the microscopic organisms. But the advanced O.F.S. filter not only snares bacteria but kills it as well.

The O.F.S. filters are soaked in a special neutral, non-irritating organic solution. The compound bonds with the filter media and starts a chemical reaction that destroys certain bacteria trapped on the surface within time after contact.

The technology behind the O.F.S. filter is the first of its kind.

In environments like hospitals or laboratories where cleanliness and sterility are crucial, the new O.F.S. filter technology is an invaluable tool in fighting the spread of disease and infection.

The O.F.S. technology has proven to have broad spectrum antibacterial effects and can restrain growth and reproduction of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria.

How Neoair Air Purifier Works
Neoair Enviro 68108 home air purifier is based on a 5-level air filtration structure. It features the same filtration technology that is used in laboratories and clean rooms, to assure you the cleanest indoor air you will ever breathe whether you are awake or asleep.

The first purification stage starts with the Pre-screening Filter.

Its main function is to capture large particles such as dust, pollen and skin flakes. Another feature of the pre-filter is to preserve and extend the life of the HEPA and Activated carbon filters. By pre-filtering the larger molecules, it shields the HEPA filter from getting clogged.

The 2nd stage consists of a High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter commonly called a HEPA filter.

Originally developed by the Atomic Energy Commission, it removes 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns in size, almost 300 times smaller than the width of a human hair. HEPA technology is currently the only type of air purification tool recommended by the U.S. Government’s Department of Homeland Security.

The 3rd filtration level includes an Activated Carbon Filter.

This particular filter captures and neutralizes common chemicals, gases, odors and tobacco smoke with the highly absorbent micro-pores in its matrix.

The 4th filtration stage comprises an Advanced O.F.S. Filter, exclusive to the Enviro 68108.

The O.F.S. technology has proven to have broad spectrum antibacterial effects and can restrain growth and reproduction of Gram-positive and Gram-Negative bacteria. Test results prove that the OFS filter killed up to 97.7% of certain airborne bacteria in a room after 6 hours of operation.

To learn more about O.F.S. the filter click here

This feature can be turned ON/OFF at any time.

The 5th and final purification stage concludes with a Negative Ions Discharger system.

The built-in system generates negative ions to dramatically reduce and precipitate certain harmful airborne particles, as small as .01 microns in size.
High amounts of these ions are found in certain natural settings such as forests and near waterfalls.

Negative ions, already used extensively overseas in several industries, have also been proven to help reduce stress, cut down serotonin levels and enhance alertness.

Negative ionic technology contributes to the feeling of wellbeing. It is getting more attention all over the world.

Neoair Features

Neoair Enviro is not your ordinary air purifier. There are many reasons why the Enviro is among the most technologically advanced, efficient air purifiers available.

In addition to the state of the art 5-stage purification technologies, it also offers a multitude of features and settings in its multifunction digital console.

A built-in air pollution sensor has been strategically integrated to detect the severity and concentration of indoor air pollutants. As the levels of contaminants raise in the room, it automatically adjusts to purify the air dynamically, insuring the highest level of air quality.

This sensor indicates the level of air pollution detected by the sensor.

If manual operation is desired, you will be able to select the fan speed that best suits your need. You can choose Low, Medium and High mode.

Automatic - Optimize airflow speed according to the air pollution level detected in the room.
Manual - In this mode, you can manually adjust the different airflow speeds.

The HEPA replacement indicator illuminates when the filter needs to be replaced, leaving out all the guessing. This function has been engineered to ensure your air purifier is always working in its optimal condition.

A slick Timer lets you select the desired time of operation of the unit with increments of 2, 4 and 8 hours. Your air purifier automatically shut off at the selected time.

The lighted icon displays the ionic generating function of the unit.

Neoair Enviro Specifications

Air purification capacity in rooms
up to 450 sq. ft., or 41 sq.m
Fan speeds
3 Speeds
Noise level
quiet operation, less than 26 dB
Power consumption
25 watts - 39 watts
(less than a 40 Watt light bulb)
11.5 feet per second
Compact Sharp Design
17.8" x 8.4" x 12"
Shipping weight
10.3 lbs
Wireless Remote Control
Multi-Function Digital Display
Negative Ions Output
3.5 million/cubic cm
2 years

Watch Neoair Multimedia Presentations

Experience first hand what the Enviro 68108 can do for you. Video requires High-Speed internet connection.

Learn in detail how the 5 stages air purification stages work.

Learn in detail about our multi-function digital console features.

Lots of pictures and information

360 degree product rotation

Neoair Warranty
2 years Manufacturer Warranty:

Your Neoair Enviro 68108 advanced air cleaner is fully warranted by the manufacturer to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal residential use for two years from the date of purchase. In the remote case of any sort of malfunction Neoair industries will replace the air purifier with a brand new unit.

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