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Germ Guardian Extra Bulb

Germ Guardian Extra Bulb
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Germ Guardian EV-9-102-Replacement Bulb

The Lamp Module (UV-C bulb) replacement is specifically designed to work with Germ Guardian units and will last between 8000 and 9000 hours almost a full year of continuous operation.

About Germ Guardian

Compared to ordinary air purifiers (which are made of plastic and are not designed specifically to kill germs, bacteria or viruses), the stainless steel-and-aluminum Germ Guardian takes in these airborne agents and neutralizes them without the use of filters. It then streams sanitized air into the room.  The secret is the implementation of our patent-pending Ultraviolet-C “safe technology.” The powerful germ killer in the Germ Guardian is intense Ultraviolet-C energy, also called UV-C. The unique polished aluminum cylinder reflects and concentrates the UV-C energy, intensifying its sterilizing power. With its powerful whisper-quiet fan, the unit draws germ-filled air into the cylinder.  The intense UV-C energy renders the bacteria, viruses and germs harmless, and then directs the flow of sanitized air back into the room. UV-C energy has been proven effective in hospitals and laboratories. Germ Guardian destroys over 99% of all airborne microbes passing through the unit.

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