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Germ Guardian

Germ Guardian
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The Germ Guardian is compact, lightweight, and portable for easy use throughout the home. It destroys over 99% of common bacteria, viruses and germs in the air, helping to prevent flu, colds, strep, and staph.

Germ Guardian destroys over 99% of all airborne microbes passing through the unit.

We recommend that the Germ Guardian be placed on a table in any room. The blue glowing rings indicate that the product is working for you. An unlimited number of settings allow you to vary the speed of the whisper-quiet fan. The stainless steel and aluminum sanitizer is virtually indestructible, safe for use around children and pets, and cool to the touch.

At a height of 17 inches, the product fits nicely onto any table, desk, counter-top, or can be placed on the floor. For best results, place it near where people tend to spend the most time in a room.

The Germ Guardian can be used to destroy airborne germs in the rooms where the family typically gathers – the living room or family room, kitchen or dining room.

It also significantly reduces mold and fungal spores.
It is lightweight (only four pounds), portable, small enough to be out of the way on a table or floor, and quietly processes over 700 cubic feet of air in about an hour. That’s approximately the size of a 10 foot-by-10 foot room.

Families with babies and young children, susceptible seniors, or any family with a desire to reduce incidence of flu and colds should consider adding one or more Germ Guardian air sanitizers to their home. The unit can be moved easily to the bedroom of an ill person, helping to control the spread of germs to other family members.

The Germ Guardian comes with a 5-year warranty and does not require cleaning or replacing filters. The replaceable UV-C light module is built to last at least 8000 hours and uses less energy than a standard light bulb. The product costs pennies a day to use.

Height: 17”
Weight: 4 pounds
Watts: 20
Recommended Room Size: 20X10 feet
Warranty: 5 years


Air Sanitizers VS. Air Purifiers
Compared to ordinary air purifiers (which are made of plastic and are not designed specifically to kill germs, bacteria or viruses), the stainless steel-and-aluminum Germ Guardian takes in these airborne agents and neutralizes them without the use of filters. It then streams sanitized air into the room.

The secret is the implementation of our patent-pending Ultraviolet-C “safe technology.” The powerful germ killer in the Germ Guardian is intense Ultraviolet-C energy, also called UV-C. The unique polished aluminum cylinder reflects and concentrates the UV-C energy, intensifying its sterilizing power. With its powerful whisper-quiet fan, the unit draws germ-filled air into the cylinder.

The intense UV-C energy renders the bacteria, viruses and germs harmless, and then directs the flow of sanitized air back into the room. UV-C energy has been proven effective in hospitals and laboratories. Germ Guardian destroys over 99% of all airborne microbes passing through the unit.

UV-C technology has been one proven to be effective in hospitals and laboratories.

The Germ Guardian has also been tested and proven in independent laboratories by Dr. Melvin First, a leading authority and Professor Emer., Harvard School of Public Health. In his laboratories, he proved that the Germ Guardian product destroys over 99% of targeted airborne germs.

The Germ Guardian in addition has been listed by Underwriters Laboratories.

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