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Ever Life Flashlight

Ever Life Flashlight
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Now Available the EverLife Flashlight and the Mini EverLife Flashlight.

The EverLife Flashlight uses no batteries or bulbs. Instead it uses energy and induction to produce a bright light using efficient LED technology. Just shake the light for about 30 seconds and the EverLife Flashlight will provide about 5 minutes of light.

During prolonged use it can be shaken for 10-15 seconds every 2 or 3 minutes giving you an unlimited supply of light. The EverLife Flashlight requires no maintenance.

You can leave it in your car, home, boat or RV for a long time and it will still be ready to produce light when you need it. The bright LED will last for thousands of hours and provide a lifetime of service. Each and every light is hand tested to insure dependability and long life. Actually it should never need replacement. Never worry about having good batteries in your flashlight.

The EverLife Flashlight is always ready for any emergency. Never have an emergency flashlight that has dead batteries again!

Includes: Regular EverLife Flashlight --- Mini EverLife Flashlight. 

Donít be fooled by knockoffs or cheap imitations! The EverLife Flashlight has a lifetime warranty!*

Whether a Car, Truck, or Recreational Vehicle, a flashlight that works should be in every glove compartment. Don't get caught on the side of the road without a flashlight. A dark road can be dangerous. The beam from the EverLife Flashlight can be seen for at least a mile.

* The EverLife Flashlight will be there for you when the lights go out.  Hurricanes, Tornados, and Ice storms are only a few surprises that Mother Nature can throw at us. In most cases, power will be out for days or even weeks at a time. With the EverLife flashlight you can be assured that you will have light when you need it.

Here are some great features of the EverLife Flashlight:

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