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EZ Digger

EZ Digger
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Standard Handle


USE IT MANY WAYS...tear up sod, turn dirt back from sidewalk edge for mulch trench, slam it through landscaping fabric to plant plants, make "V" and round bottom seeding trenches, cover-hill-tamp-smooth soil, grub out weeds, get under fences, AND to ward off mean wild critters!
  • Loved by professional landscapers and home gardeners

  • Shaped like a little hand plow - double curves for great strength

  • Still hand forged in the Orient

  • Researched by Dr. John Bartok of the University of Connecticut...this is perhaps the OLDEST metal gardening/farming tool known to mankind, going back to the early iron age, and possibly even into the bronze age

  • Made of hand forged steel, deeply tanged into hardwood handle

  • Short and Long Handled versions available

  • Makes a GREAT wall decoration and gift

  • Positive reviews in Organic Gardening July 1991 and National Gardening Sept. 1995

Choose Size on Checkout / Available in two sizes:
-  12" Standard Handle
-  54" Wood Handle