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Hope's Stainless Steel Polish

Hope's Stainless Steel Polish
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Hope's Premium Home Care Stainless Steel Polish

If you have used Hope's Floor Revive or Perfect Glass Spray/Wipes, then you'll love the entire line of cleaning products by the Hope Company.

This special micro-fine abrasive formula cleans, shines and protects in just one step!  It quickly removes tough stains, water spots, soap scum, and surface rust...polishes to a brilliant shine...and leaves an invisible barrier that repels water and makes cleaning easier!

Uses: Great for all stainless steel surfaces that require mild abrasive cleaning action such as kitchen sinks, bar sinks, cookware, ranges, cook-tops, drinking fountains and more!

Directions: Shake well.  Using a soft cloth, apply polish and rub with the grain until clean.  Rinse thoroughly with water, then dry.

Note: Always test polish on a hidden area first to be sure you get the results you expect.

Not intended for mirror finishes (use Hope's Brass Polish) and finishes that require a non abrasive polish use (Hope's Stainless Steel Appliance Polish).


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