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20,000 Hour Long Life BR38 Flood Lamp - 150W

20,000 Hour Long Life BR38 Flood Lamp - 150W
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BR 38 - 150 Watt Frosted Flood Lamp - 20,000 Hours with Krypton Gas Mixture - Outdoor Indoor Weather Resistant Bulb MADE IN THE USA

Long Life Frosted Rough Service Light Bulb

Aero - Tech Light Bulb Co. presents the only 20,000 hour light bulbs to our on-line customers. These bulbs are not only the best available on the market, but they are also the best made and are backed by a warranty against any failure associated with normal usage.  Since we released these incredible bulbs, customers have been purchasing from all over the world.  Once you try one of these light bulbs, you will never buy a standard regular bulb again.

Traditional light bulbs have a life expectancy of only 750 hours.  Our 20,000 hour light bulbs are more efficient, more durable, and last longer than 26 traditional bulbs.  The 20,000 hour bulb will burn 24 hours a day for over 833 days, over 2.25 years under normal conditions.  The manufacturer warranty guarantees that if one of our bulbs should burn out before its time under normal usage, we will replace it free of charge.  A Shipping charge of 3.95 will apply.  You cannot find another light bulb on the market with this type of unconditional warranty. These are simply the best light bulbs produced...and they are made with pride in the USA!

Helping the Environment!

In addition to saving money, you'll help the environment as well.  Each year, Americans alone discard 160 million tons of garbage.  Already 16,000 or 80% of all landfills were at capacity and closed by 1993.  The conventional glass bulb takes about 500 years to biodegrade.  By using fewer 26-1 Aero-Tech bulbs, you'll be reducing the trash load in America's shrinking and overflowing landfills.


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