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Radiation Meter

Radiation Meter
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Radioactive Risk From Power Plant Failures And Other Sources. Itís not just power plants to worry about, industrial facilities and hospitals are full of dangerous equipment just waiting to go haywire. You need to know, is the way ahead contaminated with radiation? Is it safe to move forward? Detector attaches to the belt or backpack and lets you know instantly if youíre in a HOT ZONE or moving into a dangerous area. Unit emits a short chirp to alert you to radiation, the more radiation detected the faster the chirp, unit emits a solid tone to alert you to extreme lethal danger, withdraw immediately. ND- 20 has greatest sensitivity, picks up very low levels of x- ray, gamma ray and beta radiation. ND-15 picks up x-ray and gamma ray radiation and is less likely to chirp from the normal background radiation in everyday life. Both units will alert you instantly of abnormal dangerous radiation. Requires 9 volt battery, all metal 10 ounce unit, 2.5 x 4.0 x 1.25 deep, halogen quenched geiger mueller tube, factory calibrated and certified. Due to strong demand very limited supply.