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Odor Assassin

Odor Assassin
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Strong enough to eliminate skunk odors... ordinary household and business odors are easy!

Choose your favorite scent Apple, Lemon-Lime, Orange or NEW Tropical Scent. 

Receive one 8oz. Non-Aerosol Can. Order more and save!

Incredibly effective! Non-aerosol pump spray.  Eliminates all types of household odors including...

Replaces offensive odors with the creamy scent of oranges, the juicy scent of lemon-lime, or the tart clean scent of green apples.  One spray does the job. More effective and safer to use than candles!  Works in seconds! Keeps rooms fresh for hours!

Science confirms it ... Odor Assassin really is the best!  Odor Assassin has always been the most effective odor eliminator on the market. Now it's even better. 

A new, patented ingredient, SE-500 boosts the natural odor-eliminating power of Odor Assassin to make it more effective than ever. And the concentrated long-lasting formula makes Odor Assassin the most economical investment in odor control you can make.

Scientific instruments capable of detecting very small quantities of smoke and synthetic bathroom odors show that Odor Assassin eliminates 87% of bathroom and 98% of tobacco odors.

Look at the results. The graphs show Odor Assassin beats the average of the top eight competitors by 26% on cigarette smoke and 25% on bathroom odors!

Choose your favorite scent Apple, Lemon-Lime or Orange.  Receive one 8oz. Non-Aerosol Can. Order more and save!


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