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Record Phone Calls Automatically - 5 Hour - 2 Speed

Record Phone Calls Automatically - 5 Hour - 2 Speed
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A no hands automatic telephone tape recorder that plugs directly into phone jack. When any telephone receiver is lifted, recorder automatically records; when the receiver is hung up, recorder automatically stops. This two-way recorder is ideal for phone conversations, meetings, conference calls or use as a transcriber.

Approximately 10" x 7" x 3" and runs on 4 (AA) batteries (Not Included) or AC power. (Included)

Has built-in microphone for use as standard tape recorder. 2 speeds for over 5 hours recording time! Capture your conversations with cutting edge technology. This telephone recorder is user friendly, providing the highest quality recordings. Advanced two speed circuitry produces 5 hours of recording on standard cassettes. Auto level control ensures that both sides of the conversation are clear. Easy to use and connect.