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Palm Leaf Fan Blades

Palm Leaf Fan Blades
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Why spend 100,s of dollars for a new ceiling fan when you can slide these Palm Leaf Fan Blades over the blades of your existing ceiling fan to instantly give it an udpated look. Unlike traditional narrow blades, these fan blades are flat and wide so they force air outward. You'll notice better air distribution throughout the room without a strong downward flow. Installation is easy: just slip them over each blade and tighten.

NOTE: Sold as a set of 5 palm leaf ceiling fan blade covers; ceiling fan is not included.

Made of easy to clean ABS resin. Each blade is 15 inch wide x 23 inch long. Fit over fan baldes up to 6 1/4 wide.

Palm Leaf Fan Blades Come in 6 Colors

Air is disbursed off the ends of each fan blade rather than directly down.

Beautiful palm leaf fan blades are designed from a single mold. When attached they create a perfectly balanced addition of tropical interior design to any home or business. Simply slide on and tighten.

Just slip on, install in seconds.