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Phil Hellmuth Professional Poker Set

Phil Hellmuth Professional Poker Set
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Play like the pros with this all-inclusive set! You won't believe what is included in this set!

Perfect for 2-9 people. First, it comes with 500 11.5g chips, including exclusive specially-manufactured photographic chips. There are no other chips like these on the market. Definitely for the collector! There are 4 separate chip designs with a different picture of Phil Hellmuth on each design. The other chips come in blue-colored $1, red-colored $5, green-colored $25, and black-colored $100 denominations.

Phil Hellmuth Jr. eats, drinks, lives and breathes poker! He knows his stuff! Now he's put all his knowledge and experience in 2 entertaining instructional DVD's and an easy-to read book. These entertaining videos, hosted by Phil Hellmuth, entitled "Million Dollar Poker System" and "Million Dollar Secrets to Bluffing and Tells," reveal how you can learn how not to lose your shirt in a poker tournament. A best-selling poker strategy book, called "Play Poker Like the Pros," also by Phil Hellmuth, will reveal even more secrets to America's fastest-growing past-time.

A red felt-lined, lightweight, reinforced aluminum case with clear acrylic top will hold all 500 chips. It can also hold 5 removable acrylic chip trays (included), a professional dealer button (included) and 4 decks of casino-quality cards (included).

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