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Electric Samovar Navy Blue 4.5 Liter

Electric Samovar Navy Blue 4.5 Liter
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Stainless Steel Russian Style Electric Samovar

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Tea is a fine beverage and needs to be brewed in a precise manner.  Experts know that tea develops its full flavor and delicious effect if brewed in a samovar.  This has a 6 litre or 4.5 litre urn capacity, beautiful porcelain handles, round kettle.  (Curved Handle and Light Blue Style has Heat Resistant Bakelite Handles)

This stainless steel showpiece brews tea in time-honored tradition. A concentrated tea steeps in the 4-cup teapot while water boils in the large urn. For tea perfection, pour the desired amount of concentrate into your teacup.

Use the spigot on the 20-cup water urn to dilute the tea to exactly the strength you prefer. Steam escaping from the top of the water container keeps the teapot at the optimal temperature for infusing.

This samovar is constructed of 18/10 CrNi stainless steel with automatic thermostat control which enables you to brew tea within minutes in traditional style.

The Pilot lamp indicator tells you when the desired temperature has been reached and your tea is brewed to perfection.  Also included in this set is a 1 liter stainless steel teapot.

This item is brand new in its original box, has beautiful handles.

Power: 110 Volt, 1200 Watts (VDE Certified Heater)