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Mrs. Allen On All Fours Book

Mrs. Allen On All Fours Book
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If you enjoy Mrs. Allen's Shed Stop Products then you'll be sure to enjoy her book "Mrs. Allen: On All Fours"

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Develop the perfect relationship with your pet.  Author Barbara A. Allen is founder, chairman and CEO of Stabar Enterprises, Inc., the manufacturer of Mrs. Allen's Shed Stop (that helps reduce shedding in pets), and other specialty pet products.

She is an active community member as evidenced by her commitment to animal rescue, the Hartford Police Canine Unit and animal shelters.  She has been featured on ABC, CBS and NBC as a leading authority on pet behavior and nutrition.  She resides in Connecticut, with her husband Stacy, their two children, and lots of animals!

Introduction: Whenever a new animal comes to live with me, the first thing I do is kneel down on the floor and try to see my house from his perspective.  What objects seem dangerous or scary?  What type of trouble can he get into, and how can I prevent it?  What areas look safe and inviting?  What is the dog or cat likely to think of his new environment?Barbara Allen and Ruby

For me, taking the time to see life from a pet's perspective is natural.  I've been around animals all my life - my family raised dogs, I've shown my pets in all different disciplines, and I've ridden horses competitively for years.  I never could have succeeded in these different areas if I hadn't developed a partnership with my pets.

Not everyone has been lucky enough to spend days at a time just observing how their pet acts and thinks, and not everyone is confident about the best way to raise a pet.  Some people are just starting out with a new puppy or kitten and want to make sure they start the relationship right; others may have an older dog or cat and want more insight into how to make their bond deeper and more meaningful.  It's for these people that I've written Mrs. Allen: On All Fours.

It isn't a training book, although you will find training tips and suggestions throughout.  It's more of a manual for how to live happily with your pet - how to make him a part of your daily life so that both of you can benefit.  Use the work book section to record your own observations and experiences with your pet develop a perfect relationship - one that brings both of you much joy.

Excerpt taken from "Mrs. Allen: On All Fours"

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160 Pages, Soft Cover

Order any Gallon size product or 3 or more bottles of Shed-Stop and receive this book free.  Click on product links below for details.