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Cyclone Washer WashMate

Cyclone Washer WashMate
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The most compact washing machine in the world! Save space! Save water. Save money! Wash clothes in the dorm room, guest house, RV or anywhere space is a commodity.

The Cyclone Wash Mate Wonder Washer is the first and only washing machine that gives you true portability. No bigger than an oversized water bucket, just grab the handle and take it anywhere. No more running down to the laundry mat and waiting hours for an open machine while you twiddle your thumbs and waste another sunny day. No more dumping endless quarters in a money hungry machine.

No more worrying about finding a washing machine where none exist. In some form or another we've all been there. Whether you're in college living in a cramped dorm room, a cabin retreat out in the wilderness, cruising the countryside in an 18-wheeler or RV you'll never again have to worry about finding a washing machine. Compact enough to carry anywhere. Big enough to wash a shirt, slacks, shorts and a pair of socks in one load.


Super quiet motor won't disturb your flat mates. And even if you already have a washing machine the Cyclone Wonder Washer is a great accessory for presoaking stained clothes or washing a batch of delicates. 4 liters of water and 15 minutes is all it takes to wash a change of clothes. The wash canister has a 7 liter capacity. Wash cycle can be set at low or high. Timer can be set from 1 to 15 minutes.

The Cyclone consists of 3 easy to use parts: canister, lid and base motor unit (Can be stowed away inside canister when not in use). The high powered, compact Cyclone will get out the toughest stains in a flash. Anywhere you have a power outlet.

Please note: You must wring out your clothes between cycles. This item does not have a spin cycle.

Please Provide a UPS deliverable address, NO PO Boxes please.

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