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Urine Gone

Urine Gone
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Helps prevent dogs and cats from re-marking their territory.  Urine Gone is safe in pet areas and around the house.

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Directions for use on Wet or Dry stains:

  1. Remove any excess wetness or solids from the stained area.  Soak up or blot up excess matter with paper towel.
  2. Completely saturate stained area with Urine Gone.  For carpet stains, ensure padding is also saturated.  Urine Gone must soak all of the affected area to eliminate the stain and smell.  Do not blot up Urine Gone.  It must remain wet in order to work.  Do not shampoo carpet stains before using urine gone as it will interfere with the Enzyme.
  3. If a colored stain is noticeable on carpets, fabric or upholstery, rub Urine Gone into the stained area while spraying.  This assists in removing the visible mark of the stain.
  4. Let completely air dry.
  5. Blot with a damp towel to remove any surface residue after stained area is totally dry.
  6. If stain is still noticeable, repeat until all evidence of stain is gone.

FIND THE STAIN: Simply darken room and use the stain detective black light to show the urine messes.  check carpets mattresses, furniture, bathrooms, walls and floors.  The stains will glow so that you don't miss any.  Then use Urine Gone to soak the entire stain.

*Check for colorfastness on a small area of any fabric or carpet before wide use.  Only use Urine Gone on water washable items and surfaces.

Urine b Gone -  In Stock - Order today for guaranteed delivery.