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(VHS) Million Dollar Tournament Strategies

(VHS) Million Dollar Tournament Strategies
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VIDEO 4 - Tournament Strategies

Nine time World champion Phil Hellmuth has won more money playing poker tournaments than anyone in the world! Now for the first time ever, Phil Hellmuth's MILLION DOLLAR TOURNAMENT STRATEGIES will show you step-by-step what it takes to become a champion!  These great MILLION DOLLAR SECRETS have NEVER been shared with the public, UNTIL NOW! With Phil's Million Dollar Tournament Strategies you'll learn everything you need to know about tournament play from A to Z!

With the popularity of poker at an all time high, NOW is YOUR CHANCE to take advantage of this booming billion dollar industry!

"After using the secrets from this video, I entered my first tournament and won over $30,000.! -Houston Curtis, Legends Of Poker Champion

"Phil's Million Dollar Tournament Strategies is hands down, the best lesson you'll ever get on winning high stakes tournaments.  I highly recommend it!" -Andy Bellin, Author of Poker Nation


Phil's other Poker Accomplishments
1. 1989 World Champion of Poker (World Series of Poker).
2. # 1 with Nine World Championships of Poker (9 World Series of Poker titles-two of them in 2003).
3. First place on the WSOP (World Series of Poker) all time money list with over $3,524,000 in earnings
4. 1995 Hall of Fame Big One Champion
5. 2000 European Champion-Poker EM, the Worlds Biggest Seven-Card Stud event in Vienna at Casinos Austria.
6. #1 with 4 Hall of Fame Poker titles
7. My winning three WSOP titles and one second in 1993; is considered the best feat in the history of poker.
8. Late Night Poker III Champion (LNP is being played on FOX right now. I won it in 2000).
9. Won the Bicycle Clubs Championship event in 1988.
10. Numerous other titles in poker tournaments all over the world.

Additional Information about Phil Hellmuth

1. I am the youngest World Champion of poker winner ever, at 24 years old.

2. I have won more money in poker tournaments in the last fifteen years than anyone else.

3. My record is particularly impressive in high profile and big money events.

4. I am the most written about-highest profile--poker player in the world. I think this is because of my charisma.

5. In 1996, my peers voted me, "the best all around poker tournament player in the world" in the only poll of it's kind ever taken.

6. I do the commentary for all of the poker tournaments where commentary is done (until the World Poker Tour came along). This gets me on ESPN quite often.

7. The "Madison Kid" movie project about my life before I turn 25 years-old has just been optioned by Beacon Pictures. (if/when the movie goes into production, then I will sell the autobiography "Poker Brat" immediately)

8. The one- and two-minute commercials for the "Phil Hellmuth's Million Dollar Poker System" are due out by April 21st, 2004, and they will be played on MTV, Travel Channel, and other mainstream networks. The infomercial part of the project-30 minutes-is due out in June.

9. My book "Play Poker like the Pros" with Harper/Collins is selling over 10,000 copies a month. It is a how/to play poker book for the general public. It will surpass 100,000 copies sold by it's first year anniversary May 7th, 2005 (it came out May 7th 2004). It is has been translated into French, and the Czech Republic translated it as well.

10. My second poker related book, entitled "Bad Beats and Lucky Draws" (again with Harper/Collins) will be out in October, 2004.

11. My third book entitled "The Greatest Poker Hands ever Played" will be out in April, 2005.

12. "Rolling Stone" is doing a story on me by Andy Bellin, and I have an outside shot at the cover!!!

13. The Wall Street Journal is doing a feature story on me with Pulitzer Prize winning reporter George Anders, I will get the front page with sketch, in May, 2004.

14. I write a regular column for industry leading "Card Player" magazine, which is going national right now. Also, I am on the cover in two weeks.

15. I represent the new "Edge Television" gaming network.

16. I am about to sign a contract to represent Summus Wireless, an applications network that has developed Hold'em software for cell phones.

17. I represent, an online poker site.

18. I am pitching a TV reality show that I created (with two partners) that would have me star in it.  Mark Camacho at CAA loves it and we will take it out soon.  My agent is Nick Styne at CAA.


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