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Wonder Washer

Wonder Washer
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Wonder Washer Personal Washing Machine

Wash Clothes, Drain Water, Take Anywhere: Portable Washing Machine Goes Anywhere: Perfect for Seniors, College Students, Boating and RV's.

Plug In and Wash, Easy as 1-2-3...

  1. Plug in Wonder Washer
  2. Fill with laundry, add soap and water and close lid.
  3. Set timer up to 15 minutes and set wash cycle to Hi or Lo

Specially designed drain holes in lid allow water and soap to drain without removing laundry.

After draining, wring out clothes, add fresh water and rinse (repeat if necessary). This units does not automatically drain water. (Note: A second washing with soap and fresh water may be needed for dirtier clothes.)


Perfect For:

Wonder washer has a 7-liter capacity.
Weighs just 8 lbs.
Quiet motor. 18 1 / 2" x 12 1 / 2" x 12 1 / 2"


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