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CuZn Water’s products are designed to protect you and the environment. We offer long-life, high-value products that last 5 to 80 times as long as our competitors.  We offer a wide range of products from Pool and Spa Treatment Filters,  Outdoor Water Filtration, Bath and Shower Chlorine Filters and finally Drinking Water Filtration Systems for your home and a portable unit for travel when on business or vacation.

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It’s hard to be Green…or is it?      How Green are you?

Here is the impact of bottled water usage.

50 Billion plastic bottles for water were produced last year using 78 Million gallons of oil. Only 23% of these bottles get recycled, adding 38 Billion bottles to our landfills. To drink eight 8oz glasses of water a day, using 16 oz bottles of water, you would use 1460 bottles of water per person per year. A family of 4 could use as many as 5,840 bottles of water in a year. Even on sale for $4.98 per case of 48-16oz bottles, the cost is $0.83 per gallon. This means you spend over $600 annually on bottled water for a family of four. These calculations do not include the environmental cost to ship and dispose of all these bottles. Mayors in San Francisco, Ann Arbor and Salt Lake City are taking measures to reduce bottled water use due to the environmental impact. Would you like to help too?

Filter CuZn CT-101S Counter AQ-4000 Faucet FM-3700 Bottled Water

Filter                  CuZn CT-101S              Counter AQ-4000             Faucet FM-3700            Bottled Water           


$                         Initial Cost        $160.00                           $99.00                                 $24.87                            $.5 - $2/ bottle

Capacity             8,000 gallons                  500 gallons                         100 gallons                     16 - 128 oz

Cost/gallon         $0.02 gallon                   $0.19 gallon                        $0.25 gallon                    $1-$5 gallon


Replacement       $49.95 cartridge            $47.99 cartridge               $11.41 cartridge              $.5 - $2 / bottle

Cost/ gallon         $0.01 gallon                   $0.09 gallon                       $0.11 gallon                      $1-$5 gallon

Cost / 16K gal     $209                               $1539                                  $1839                               $13,280!


Bottles saved       64,000 bottles               4,000 bottles                       800 bottles                       64,000 wasted!
per cartridge.

Buying a long life CuZn Water filter is a good investment in sustainability. A CuZn Water CT-101S costs $160 and lasts 8,000 to 10,000 gallons. If you are currently buying bottled water, our system would pay for itself in as little as 4 months and save your family $6,480 over the 8000 gallon cartridge life. These figures are based on 1,460 bottles of water per person per year at a cost of $0.83 per gallon. Even if you only drink two 16 oz bottles per day, one person would spend at least $75 per year for only 91 gallons at $0.83 per gallon. Our system costs only $160 total for 8,000 to 10,000 gallons, which can last several years. A replacement cartridge costs only $50 and would last another 8,000 to 10,000 gallons.

Additionally, you would be removing 64,000 16 oz bottles of water from manufacture, shipping and disposal; a huge environmental impact.

Go Green with CuZn Water Systems!

Reasons to consider filtering your own water

  • 50 Billion plastic water bottles are made using 78 Million gallons of oil and 1B $ in plastic.
  • 38 Billion of these bottles end up in our landfills.
  • Typical bottled water costs $1 to $9 per gallon and quality varies greatly.
  • One billion (1 in 6) people worldwide don’t even have access to safe drinking water, including 50% of Fijians while they manufacture and ship Fiji water around the globe.
  • U.S. Mayors are leading efforts to reduce bottled water use due to the environmental impact.

Per the Canadian Water Quality Association in 4/07 issue of Water Conditioning and Purification:

  • A bather can be exposed to as much water pollution in a 20” shower as from drinking 2 quarts of tap water in a day.
  • Chlorine is toxic and irritating to the skin; think of how you feel after swimming in a public pool.
  • Taking a 20” versus a 10” shower greatly increases chlorine exposure and the cancer risk is 13 times as high.
  • GAC (carbon) is not recommended for direct hot water use like the shower. At temperatures over 40 C (102 F), contaminants absorbed by the carbon can slough off into the water.
  • KDF showerhead filters can remove chlorine to < 0.1 ppm and remove dust, dirt, rust and odors, leaving the water looking and smelling clean.
  • The World Health Organization estimates that 75-80% of cancer may originate in our water.
  • By 1980, over 300 chemicals had been found in American drinking water. Chlorine can combine with these contaminants to form carcinogens like TCE, THM and more.
  • Water contaminants can have a cumulative effect on the body (especially heavy metals), mixing with toxins in our food and air.
  • Water supply lines can leach contaminants into the water.
  • The levels of chlorine in municipal drinking water are often higher than health departments allow in swimming pools.
  • Per an EPA study of bottled water plants, labeling of bottled water did not correspond with the contents.  Results showed trace amounts of the following in virtually every sample: chlorine, sulfate, nitrate, lead, iron, mercury and arsenic.
  • Take responsibility for your health and helping the planet. Start with filtering your drinking and bathing water. Better yet, filter the whole house to gain health and economic benefits.

CuZn Water can provide high quality filtered water for only pennies per gallon!