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Carmen Electra’s Strip Poker DVD

Carmen Electra’s Strip Poker DVD
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Carmen Electra’s Strip Poker DVD As Seen on TV (the uncut version) Hosted by Carmen Electra. Carmen's bubbly, sexy personality makes her the perfect host for the Strip Poker Invitational.

Have you ever wanted to watch six beautiful women play strip poker for $50,000. Join your host the beautiful and talented Carmen Electra along with six strikingly beautiful women in the first installment of the Strip Poker Invitational . Filmed in LA, this first of its kind production highlights the intensity of poker play among six beautiful women, playing a no limit version of Americas new favorite pastime Texas Hold'Em or as we like to call it Texas Strip'Em.

The game is real, the money is real and the outcome is unscripted.

The set is beautiful the players are sexy and the game is better than you can imagine. One girl will walk away with the grand prize of $50,000 in Cash.

See what these girls will do to win it all! Hey, I'll see you in the Lingerie Lounge !

DVD includes these extra features: Behind the scenes with Carmen Electra , Interviews with Carmen Electra plus, Behind the scenes with the Co Executive producer and Interviews with contestants.