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Cool Downz Cooling Bandana Neck Wrap

Cool Downz Cooling Bandana Neck Wrap
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Now all you need to know is how to tie a bandana and keep cool all day with Cool Downz. Cool Downz are neck wraps that cool the body temperature through its evaporative cooling process. Just soak it in water to activate the special, nontoxic, organic crystals. The crystals will form a cool gel that will stay cool for up to three days. You can wear the cool downz around your head or neck and they are completely reusable!

Cool Downz are great for outdoor activities such as gardening and sports. This cooling neck wrap can also provide relief for headaches, nausea, minor sunburn, sprains, bites, neck aches and hot flashes. Cool Downz measure 36" in length and 2" in width.

It's amazing, soak in water and watch your cool downz grow to 10 times its original size.  Cool Downz are made with a super absorbent polymer that holds more than 300 times its weight in water.  Easy to use and reuse...after soaked, tie Cool Down around your neck or head and allow the evaporation process to cool your body temperature for hours at a time, even days!  Whether its indoor or outdoor, work or play, beat the heat, be cool with cool downz.

Colors and Patterns may vary from those pictured above, choose color above, one of the following.  Available in an assortment of styles and colors. Bandana, Blue Paisley Bandana.  Also available the Cool Downz Hat.  See Related Items Below.

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