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Atomic Analog Watch

Atomic Analog Watch
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Selacron Blue Atomic Analog Watch.
There’s nothing ordinary about this watch. The Selacron Blue Atomic Watch is radio controlled from the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology in Colorado. The Government’s “Always On” Atomic Clock sends the Time and Date Signal directly to your watch insuring perfect accuracy. Changeovers to and from daylight savings time, leap years, even leap seconds are all immediately displayed. Watch features a stunning blue dial with sharp brown leather band. When you’re wearing a Selacron Blue Atomic Watch there’s no arguing about who’s got the right time! The electronic brains of this watch are packed with useful, easy to access features. Selacron Blue incorporates the latest German reception technology, the best in the world, insuring pinpoint atomic accuracy 24 hours a day. Genuine leather band with polished metal bezel create a stunning effect against the blue dial and razor sharp tapered hands. Press button for soft-glow backlit dial with 3 sec. auto shut-off feature.The perfect, no fuss watch, has arrived. Water resistant to 5 ATM, comes with long-life lithium battery, stainless steel case.

Direct import priced so you can now sport a contemporary dress watch with the accuracy of radio-controlled time. Order CRON-B $59.95

Atomic Analog watch dial in the dark.