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Shower Chlorine Filter

Shower Chlorine Filter
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Extra Shower Filter


Advanced Filters remove 99.5% of Chlorine. "The healthy way to bathe."

Every time you step into a hot, steamy shower your body soaks up chlorine like a sponge. Did you know that you absorb more chlorine through your bathing water than through your drinking water? Chlorine is a toxin that attacks organic matter. It bonds with the protein in your body and is harmful to hair, skin, eyes, nose, mouth, and lungs. Commonly used to disinfect water, chlorine is removed from your bathing water with the CuZn Power Disk Filter. The CuZn System removes chlorine using a state-of-the-art form of KDF copper-zinc media. When loose media is packed tight inside a filter, water can channel through it, resulting in a loss of efficiency and longevity. With CuZn’s futuristic Power Disk, the media has been molded into a hard “reticulated foam” disk that looks like a gold sponge in the shape of a hockey puck. Water enters the triple-filtration staging chamber and is dispersed through a non-woven filter pad. The water then twists and turns through the CuZn’s maze of copper-zinc fibers before passing through another filter pad and exiting the chamber. This movement increases contact time with the media in the disk as the water is continually circulated through the disk fibers. The healthy way to shower.
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