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CuZn Spa Core Filter For Hot Tubs and Spas

CuZn Spa Core Filter For Hot Tubs and Spas
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A Clean & Clear Pool Without Chemicals! For use in Hot Tubs and Spas

Simply place the CuZn SpaCore inside your Sediment Filter and enjoy clean water with no effort.


The Filter Foam technology uses Power Disks to provide excellent, chlorine-free water for swimming pools and spas through filtration rather than the introduction of chemicals to the water. Chlorine attacks organic matter, and your skin is your body's largest organ.  Chlorine irritates eyes, nose membranes, and lungs and it leaves skin and hair dry and flaky.  Studies have shown that long-term exposure to chlorine can be harmful to your health. Hydrogen peroxide alternatives to chlorine can also cause allergic reactions and can permeate the pool or spa walls.

Filter Foam Disks use a unique form of KDF copper-zinc media which has been molded, via a proprietary process, into a soft disk that looks like a gold sponge.  KDF is excellent at removing chlorine for long periods of time while also acting as a deescalate and maintaining a bacteriostatic environment that inhibits bacteria growth. KDF meets NSF Standards 42 and 61 and has been tested to remove heavy metals and inorganic as well as chlorine from water. KDF releases low residual copper and zinc ions into the water to inhibit algae and fungus growth.  Filter Foam Power Disks use an all-natural process that works by catalytic action and the redox (reduction/oxidation) principal of dissimilar metals.

As water passes through the Power Disks, a chemical reaction causes zinc and copper hydroxides to form in controlled amounts. These controlled releases of copper and zinc oxides are carried into the filtered water where they provide hostile conditions for bacteria, algae and fungus growth. This means cleaner water for bathing, plus reduced time and labor in keeping the pool or spa clean.

Filter Foam Disks also safeguard your pool and spa by reducing the need for chlorine and other chemicals that corrode pipes and equipment. Plus, chemical costs are minimal.  After heavy loads from excess bathers, heavy rain, wind or pets, a one-time shock treatment, with potassium monopersulfate, or other shocking agents, is sufficient to solve the problem. The Power Disks also help to neutralize slightly acidic water, thereby reducing or eliminating the use of pH chemicals.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How does the disk technology work?
    Both the MegaDisk and the Maxidisk work through the controlled release of copper-zinc ions.
  2. How does it help control algae and bacteria?
    Copper is a well-known algaecide. The release of copper-zinc ions into water helps control the growth of bacteria and algae.
  3. Why Don't I need to test for hardness or pH?
    The disks contain copper-zinc ions that self-regulate the water's pH, reduce scale and make the water act softer, and help control algae and bacterial growth. Hardness tests will not show how the copper-zinc ions change the way calcium in the water is shaped so as not to turn into scale.
  4. Why is the pH higher with the disk than with chlorine?
    Chlorine requires you to keep the water's pH between 7.2 and 7.6 because that is where chlorine performs best. The disk creates its own best operating level, usually between 7.6 and 8.2. Don't try to lower the pH with chemicals because these will severely reduce the disk's efficiency. After the disk is installed, test the pool or spa water for pH for a few days to determine a baseline pH. This baseline pH will help in determining when the disk needs to be replaced.
  5. Is there a test that shows whether the disk is still working?
    Water becomes cloudy when there's an increase of bacteria in a pool or spa. When bacteria increases, the water's pH decreases. If you test your water for pH and find it is below 7.2 and if it continues to decrease, then it's time to replace your MegaDisk or MaxiDisk. That's why it's important to establish a baseline pH. See the previous question.
  6. Are there other tests I need?
    No other tests are needed when using the MegaDisk or MaxiDisk. You can do a test to determine the levels of copper and zinc ions, as these decrease over time. This is another way to determine when the disk needs replacing.
  7. What happens if my pool or spa becomes cloudy?
    Under normal circumstances the water in your pool or spa will be clear when using the disk. Cloudy water may mean the water in the pool or spa is not circulating though the disk often enough. Increase the time your pump runs to increase the circulation of water through the disk.  NOTE: MAKE SURE THAT WHEN WATER RUNS THROUGH THE DISK, THERE IS NO SUCTION ELSEWHERE IN THE POOL OR SPA. If the water remains cloudy, it may be time to shock to pool or spa or to replace the disk.
  8. What are NOT normal circumstances?
    Too many people in the pool or spa at one time creates excessive bather load and can stress the disk system. Excessive rain or heat, foliage in the water and animals swimming in the water also are considered abnormal circumstances and can cause a spike in bacteria in the pool or spa. This sudden increase can cause the water to become cloudy.
  9. If this happens, how do I get my water back to normal?
    Turn on the pump and circulate the water through the disk, without suction except where the disk is located, for 24 hours. If this does not clear up the water, then you will need to give the pool or spa a mini-shock treatment.
  10. What is a mini-shock treatment?
    Mini-shock treatment is using a dose of a shocking agent, such as chlorine, to decrease the bacteria in the pool or spa over a 24 hour period. Remove the disk during the shock treatment. Replacing the disk 12 hours after the shocking treatment is over will help remove the chlorine as well as resume normal operation in helping to control bacterial and algae growth.
  11. Will I need to do anything else?
    When using the MegaDisk or Maxidisk, no other treatment is necessary under normal circumstances. In fact, using chemicals will reduce the efficiency of the disk. Some spa or pool owners like to shock their systems periodically - once a week or every six weeks - as preventive maintenance. If doing this, remove the disk during the treatment and return it 12 hours after the treatment is completed.
  12. What happens if my water turns green?
    There is nothing in the disk to cause water to turn green. Nitrogen-based compounds, such as fertilizer or herbicides or pesticides, can cause this if they get into your water. Consult your spa or pool expert for ways to correct this situation and remove the disk during the treatment.
  13. How do I know when to replace the disk?
    Your water will turn cloudy and will not recover, even with a mini-shock treatment. This is often the first sign the disk is reaching the end of its useful life. You can test pH levels to compare them with the baseline pH you established when the disk was new. If the levels have dropped, the disk may need replacing. See question 5.
  14. Why does the disk darken?
    It is normal for the disk to darken in color. This shows the disk is working. The disk oxidizes as it treats the water, and the oxidation darkens the copper and zinc elements in the MegaDisk and MaxiDisk

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