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Eagle Eyes Sunglasses Ciara - Tortoise

Eagle Eyes Sunglasses Ciara - Tortoise
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The Difference is Clear!  Most conventional sunglasses allow harmful light rays in and darken useful light rays that enhance vision.  EAGLE EYES patented sunglasses make objects and your natural surroundings appear more vivid by blocking out harmful visual-distorting light, and allowing in vision enhancing light rays. You'll see with more clarity and at farther distances than ever before without squinting, and without eye and facial strain.

CIARA - Get in the Groove with These Stylish Wraps!

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Space Foundation Grants Eagle Eyes Lifetime Certification for Sunglass Lens Technology.  A primary mission of the Space Foundation, in cooperation with NASA, is to promote extraordinary products that recognize the benefits of space-related technology that improve the quality of our lives. The Space Foundation announced in February, 2006 that EAGLE EYES has earned official recognition from the Space Certification Program and is the only sunglass lens to receive the Lifetime Certified Space Technology seal.

Why Do Eagle Eyes Work So Well? EAGLE EYES patented, polarized TriLenium Gold Lens Technology works by blocking out 100% ultraviolet rays and harmful blue and violet light rays; while allowing in vision-enhancing light rays (green, yellow, orange and red) within the 475nm (nanometers) range in the wavelength light spectrum. This technology allows you to see images more vividly with better contrast and definition.

The TriLenium Gold Advantage EAGLE EYES’ patented, polarized lens system is the result of years of research on protection and vision enhancement of human eyesight.  Our lens system was specifically designed to provide maximum protection, superior polarization capabilities, contrast filtration and inner and outer scratch-resistant coatings to meet your active lifestyle. 

Don’t settle for less! Only EAGLE EYES offer you patented, polarized TriLenium Gold Lens Technology that originated at NASA and is the ONLY lens technology approved by the Space Foundation! EAGLE EYES meet and exceed CE, ANSI and EN1836 Standards and Regulations for personal eye protection, sun glare filters and impact resistant sunglasses.

Many conventional sunglasses actually darken and diminish your vision. This can result in strained eyesight, fatigue and may even put you at  risk. Eagle Eyes provide you with “precision-vision” at times when you need it the most!