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Eagle Eyes Ultralite Titanium

Eagle Eyes Ultralite Titanium
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EAGLE EYES brings you our exclusive line of stylish, lightweight sunglasses! Our UltraLites weigh less than 1/2-oz for all-day comfort. You'll look and feel your absolute best in this exquisite line of fashionable, functional eyewear!

FlexSmart Titanium Frames - Airos Style

This style is available in our new Premium Series combining science and art with our Patented Polarized TriLenium-Gold Lens System making them perfect for all lifestyles!

Our revolutionary Patented Polarized TriLenium-Gold Lens System Blocks 100% of Harmful Blue, Violet & Ultra Violet Light Rays at 475nm while Allowing Vision-Enhancing Green, Yellow, Orange & Red Light Spectrum In! The Result? Unparalleled Visual Clarity, Contrast and Definition. Don’t Be Fooled – Only Eagle Eyes Offers the Original, Patented Polarized TriLenium-Gold™ Lens System!

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