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Eagle Eyes Wrap Around

Eagle Eyes Wrap Around
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New eagle eyes sunglasses in Wrap Around style. Fits over small to medium eyeglasses. Why are they called Eagle Eyes? It has long been known that eagles, in spite of their constant exposure to harsh bright light, have surgically precise eyesight a mile above their target. How could this keen eyesight develop in such harsh conditions?

After much research it turned out that eagles have droplets of oil inside their eyes that filter out harmful radiation. Using cutting edge technology engineers duplicated these natural filters and built them into the Eagle Eyes® lens. An added bonus of this Intelligent Optical Filtering is that Eagle Eyes simultaneously sharpen, brighten, and clarify your vision. Eagle Eyes dramatically reduce glare and block the blue wavelengths that cause retina damage, and cataracts. Age related macular degeneration, night blindness and retinitis pigmentosa appear to be linked to blue and violet light exposure.

Made in America; great sunglasses and a smart long term investment.

Fits Right Over Your Prescription Glasses - BLACK FRAME

Prescription wears will love the ease, fit and look that our complete line of Fit-Ons provide! Your eyes will be protected and you'll be able to stay active wherever you go!  Other sunglasses merely darken your vision, but Eagle Eyes actually “let in” more of the “good light” while blocking harmful blue, violet and ultraviolet light from damaging your eyesight. With the added benefit of polarization, which cuts glare to near zero, Eagle Eyes are tops in preventive eye care.

Comes with a Soft Cloth Pouch.  Eagle Eyes Fit-Ons - Black Frame - A New and Improved Look!

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