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Evolve Shower Start Smart Hot Water Saver

Evolve Shower Start Smart Hot Water Saver
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Evolve Shower Makes your hot shower wait on you... Without wasting precious hot water!
How? ... Automatically Pauses A Running Shower Once it Gets Warm.

Just turn on the shower and walk away ... it's OK. You'll improve your morning routine and stop feeling guilty about wasting all that hot water.  After you've completed brushing your teeth, using the toilet, making the bed ... simply return to the shower, flip the Evolve Shower Start's switch to resume the flow and shower as usual.

Install Evolve Smart Shower and you'll be experiencing all the comforts (without the inconvenience) of conservation.

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Energy prices are skyrocketing.  Water is becoming more scarce.  If you’re like most, you’re probably wondering if there’s really anything you can do about it - and most importantly, if there’s a way to make a difference without having to endure inconvenience and sacrifice.

No sacrifice. No inconvenience. It’s the new generation of friendly conservation. Evolve ShowerStart … it’s a start.

Instead of conserving water while you're taking a shower, Evolve's Smart Shower Start technology saves the hot water that's wasted before you actually get in.  The result - save time, hot water energy and money without giving up a single thing.  Installation is quick and easy.  Just place the Evolve Ladybug Showerhead Adapter in between your showerhead and shower arm.  It's that simple.

How to Use:

  1. Turn on shower
  2. Do what you always do while waiting for shower to get warm … brush teeth, use toilet, etc.
  3. As soon as shower is ready, Shower Start reduces water flow to a trickle – preventing hot water from running down the drain before you get in.
  4. Return to a warm shower – flip switch to restart normal flow.
  5. Shower as usual.

Features and Specifications:

Evolve Showerheads – FAQ

QUESTION: Why would I want my shower to automatically trickle before I get in?

ANSWER: Do you multitask while you wait for the shower to get hot? Brush your teeth? Make the bed? Maybe even pick out your clothes or iron a collar? Many of us do—and don’t know that while we’re feeding the dog or grabbing that second cup of coffee, two-and-a-half gallons of hot water per minute are funneling down the drain.

The automatic trickle reduces the flow of the water as soon as it reaches a comfortable 95 degrees. This way your hot water is no longer running down the drain while you’re away from the shower. The automatic trickle allows your evolve showerhead to:

QUESTION: Can evolve showerheads be used to take a “Navy” shower?
Example: Get wet and then flip the valve to shut the water down to a trickle while you soap up.

ANSWER: Flipping the valve on your evolve showerhead does not shut the flow down to a trickle.
Rather, it does just the opposite. Turning the valve puts the evolve showerhead into “full flow” after the water temperature has reached a comfortable bathing temperature – 95 degrees F. The sequence of events with an evolve showerhead is as follows:

Turn on your shower as usual – the cold water in your plumbing lines will be run through the showerhead at normal flow.
Shower’s water temperature reaches 95 degrees F – once this bathing-ready temperature has been reached the evolve showerhead automatically cuts the water flow down to a trickle. This keeps your hot water from running down the drain before you actually start taking your shower.
Turn the valve on the evolve showerhead – your showerhead will now be running at full flow again. Check the water temperature, step in and take your shower.

QUESTION: Do evolve showerheads actually warm the water?
Example: A device like a heater inside the showerhead to get the water warm faster.

ANSWER: Evolve showerheads do not have the ability to warm your water (although wouldn’t it be really cool if they could?). Water warming is done by your hot water heater. The evolve showerhead’s brains monitor the water’s temperature and automatically put the flow into trickle mode as soon as the water warms up to 95 degrees F. The cold water in the hot water line runs out through the evolve showerhead until it gets warm enough for showering.

QUESTION: Are evolve showerheads low-flow?
Example: Showerhead saves water and energy by giving you less water for your shower.

ANSWER: In general all evolve showerheads flow at the maximum rate allowed by law – 2.5 gallons per minute. That’s what makes them so great. With evolve you get the opportunity to save water and the energy used to heat it without having to use a low flow head. Evolve saves the hot water that usually get’s wasted before you get in the shower instead of taking water away from you while you’re in the shower.

That being said, we have created a really cool low flow head. It’s called the Roadrunner and it delivers water at a rate of 1.59 gpm. Designed to delight it won’t feel like you’re saving nearly one gallon of water every minute you’re in the shower. And with its integrated ShowerStart™ technology you’re conserving water while your shower’s warming too. Add it up and the Roadrunner saves about 7gallons of water for every 5 minute shower. The Roadrunner is just the beginning of our efforts in the lower-flow arena, look for more.

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