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Final Table Poker with Phil Gordon DVD

Final Table Poker with Phil Gordon DVD
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Expert Insight Final Table Poker with Phil Gordon.  Get Inside The Mind Of A Pro!

Do you have what it takes to play at a final table?

Have you ever watched a televised poker tournament and wondered what the players were thinking?  Why they made a certain play?  Why they bluffed?  Folded?  If so, this is the perfect video for you.

Final Table Poker brings you inside the mind of Poker Pro, Phil Gordon.  Listen in on Phil's every thought as he plays at the final table on a high stakes No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament.  Learn Phil's secrets on Pot Odds, Dominated Hands, Selective Aggression, Bluffing, Tells and much, much more!  Then watch your game improve!

Bonus Feature:

  • This disc also includes 2 viewing modes: Choose Between Advanced & Beginner.
  • Phil Gordon's Starting Hand Guide
  • The Rule of 4 and 2 Odds & Outs Chart

Runs Approximately 100 Minutes

"Ground-breaking… Think of it as 15 years of the school of hard knocks in chewable form."

Playboy Magazine

"This new DVD is an excellent and thorough look at playing poker at the highest levels."


"I have a ton of poker instructional DVDs… this one beats them all hands down."

Michael Davis, Customer

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