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Folding Shovel

Folding Shovel
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 The Amazing Folding Shovel

This multi-use and mighty handy invention is great for gardening, survival, and safety uses. Keep one in the car to dig out of snow or apply sand for winter traction.  Keep one in your gardening cart at ALL times, even when you don’t think you need to dig something, because that is when you’ll need it. One side serrated to cut roots, etc. Excellent for separating bulbs in the fall.

It is a short 22 1/2 “ tall and weighs just over two pounds (33 ounces).  And, it folds to fit neatly in its own 9 ˝” x 7 ˝” canvas bag.  Color is a durable powdered Forest Green paint.  Easy to sharpen with a file or grinder, if desired. Tote’s back even has a belt loop. Blade also locks at 90 degree position, to allow for one handed chopping action.

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