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Gun Wall Safe with Keypad Entry

Gun Wall Safe with Keypad Entry
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Wall / Gun Safe with Keypad Interface Technology

The times they are changing! Gone are the days of unreliable storage devices, unattractive safes, and lost keys. Luckily, SecureLogic has listened to the consumer and come up with a product that will satisfy, impress, and outlast better than other products on the market today.

SecureLogic is proud to introduce the Keypad Gun Safe, the fruits of over two years of extensive labor, research, and design. Simply enter the code that you have personally chosen, and the Gun Safe opens. Instantly!

Whether itís the Keypad Gun Safe or the state-of-the-art Biometric Gun Safe that virtually eliminates the possibility of entry by unauthorized users that is both tamper proof and child proof, Secure Logic has the security solution for all.  Your Gun Safe hides safely and easily behind a picture frame.  Link to Biometric Fingerprint Gun Safe.

Gun Safe Security

What does security mean to you? Is it sleeping soundly throughout the night? Giving you and your family the peace of mind knowing intruders will never be able to access the things most important to you? Or is it simply the feeling of safety you have always wanted to have?

SecureLogic has thought of all these things and combined them into the perfect wall safety storage device. It's the perfect addition and just what you've been waiting for!

Gun Safe Storage

Somehow, the SecureLogic Gun Safe manages to make your home or office a little bit bigger. Want to know how? By getting rid of cumbersome storage units, you actually save space! By making use of the available storage room in your walls, you avoid tripping over existing units and eliminate clutter. What a great idea!

The Gun Safe will hold anything you can imagine, from jewelry to passports, medicine to handguns, and everything in between! It even has a secret compartment to hold additional items. And, because it fits securely in any wall of your home or office, it isn't an eyesore. You can even cover it up with your favorite picture frame!

Gun Safe Access

Do you wish you had a place to keep your jewelry safe? If someone breaks into your home, will they have access to your handgun, thereby putting your family at risk? Do you worry that your child will be able to get their hands on your weapons or valuables? The SecureLogic Gun Safe is the product you have been waiting for!

Valuables and firearms are protected and safe, only accessible to you and those you choose to program in. When you need to access its contents, simply enter your personal PIN number, and voila - the door drops silently and your valuables are instantly accessible!

Never before has something so secure been so easy to access with just the touch of a finger, and nearly impossible to penetrate without!

Gun Safe Programming

If you are concerned about programming the Keypad Gun Safe, put those fears to rest. You will be amazed by how quickly your Gun Safe will be up and running!

Simple and easy, our user friendly instructions will teach you how to program your PIN numbers in minutes! Access by code assures that only You have control of who is able to enter. The Gun Safe will accept up to 2 different PIN numbers so you can customize the Gun Safe to suit you best.

And never fear, PIN numbers are stored, verified, changed, or deleted with ease. Never before has something so simple been so advanced.

Gun Safe Specifications

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