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Hagerty Silver Polish & Homecare Products

Since 1895, when W.J. Hagerty began selling his silver care products from the back of a horse-drawn carriage, his namesake company, W.J. Hagerty & Sons, Ltd., has become the world's most trusted name in silver care. Offering products like Silversmiths Gloves, Dry Polish, Silver Foam and Spray and Anti-Mite which kills bedbugs, dust mites.  For years, the company has expanded its tradition of excellence in silver care to include the manufacturing of top-quality jewelry care and homecare products. Over a century of dedication. Over a century of excellence. Hagerty products and people...yesterday, today and tomorrow.   For large orders please call 1-800-821-5157.

Silver Polish and Dry Spray - Silversmiths Gloves and Anti-Mite Killer
Hagerty Silversmiths' Gloves
(1 Pair)

Silversmiths' Gloves

Hagerty Dry Silver Polish
1 - 1.25oz Spray

Dry Silver Polish

Hagerty Dry Silver Polish
and Glove Kit
(1 Dry Spray - 1 Pair Gloves)

Dry Polish & Glove Kit

Hagerty Silver Polish
(1 - 8oz Bottle)

Silver Polish

Hagerty Silver Foam
(1 - 8oz Jar)

Silver Foam

Hagerty Silversmiths' Spray / Polish
(1 - 14.5oz Spray Can)

Silversmiths' Spray / Polish

Hagerty 100
All Purpose Metal Polish
(2 - 4oz Tubes)

Hagerty 100 All Purpose
Metal Polish

Hagerty Get Rid of Mites
(1 - 16.5oz Spray Bottle)

Haggerty Mite
Get Rid of Mites