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Hope's Floor Revive Products

The Hope Company was founded in 1973 when Hope Finnegan began refinishing antiques and discovered that refinishing products could be made and resold cheaper than existing products on the market. The Hope Company went on to develop Hope's Premium Home Care Products. These products and cleaners are designed to give superior results with minimum cleaning effort. Hope's products are pleasant to use. There are no harsh chemicals and they are also free of solvent and ammonia.  Many of Hope's products have been tested and recommended by manufacturers of the materials on which they are used. Hope's Countertop Polish is recommended by Corian, Fountainhead, Formica, Wilsonart. Hope's Cooktop Cleaning Cream is one of only three products approved by Schott (Ceran) for glass ceramic cooktops. Hope's Perfect Glass is endorsed by the Cooking Club of America.   For large or wholesale orders please call 1-800-821-5157.

Floor Cleaner and Floor Restorer - Glass Cleaner - Non Abrasive Polishes and Creams
Hopes Floor Revive - 16oz $7.45

Floor Revive

Hopes Floor Cleaner - 16oz $7.45

Floor Cleaner

Hopes Perfect Glass
Spray - Two 32oz Bottles

Perfect Glass

Hopes Rev Pack 1
2 Revive and 1 Cleaner

Rev Pack 1

Hopes Perfect Kitchen Spray
Two -32oz Bottles

Perfect Kitchen Spray

Hopes Perfect
Kitchen Wipes (30)

Perfect Kitchen Wipes

Hopes Lemon Oil Furniture Treatment - 16oz $8.25

Lemon Oil Furniture

Hopes RevPack Plus
2 Revive, 1 Cleaner, 2 Glass Spray

Rev Pack Plus

Hopes Perfect Carpet
Two - 22oz Bottles

Perfect Carpet Spray

Hopes Perfect
Glass Wipes (60)

Perfect Glass Wipes

Hopes Cook Top
Cleaning Cream - 8oz

Cook Top Cleaning Cream

Hopes Perfect Furniture Spray
Two - 22oz Bottles

Perfect Furniture Spray

Hopes Perfect Countertop Spray
Two - 22oz Bottles

Perfect Countertop Spray

Hopes Perfect Granite Spray
Two - 22oz Bottles

Perfect Granite Spray

Hopes Cultured
Marble Polish - 8oz

Cultured Marble Polish

Hopes Brass Polish - 8oz $5.95

Brass Polish

Hopes Silver Polish - 8oz $5.95

Silver Polish

Hopes Solid Surface
Cleaner and Polish - 8oz

Solid Surface Cleaner & Polish