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Our beautifully proportioned sandglasses add a soothingly meditative focal point to any setting.

Built of North American hardwoods by skilled craftsmen, the cases feature elegant turned spindles, open cell foam shock absorbers and a thick lacquer finish. The calibrated glasses are imported from an old family business in East Anglia, England. It is only with the introduction of the mechanical clock that time began to be measured in discrete units. Before the 15th century time was thought to be flowing. That concept resulted in the clepsydra, but heat and cold rendered water unreliable as a time medium. Dried sand passing from one container to another through a narrow aperature was unaffected by weather, so the sandglass became the ultimate expression of flowing time measuring a unit.

Public speeches and sermons were the most notable events timed with a sandglass. One of the greatest pleasures of our Puritan ancenstors was the two hour Sunday sermon. Hourglasses were placed upon the pulpit and woe betide he who overran the two full hours. Certain of the clergy did overdo it, however, and during the reign of Queen Victoria an eighteen minute glass appeared in her church. Newspapers ran comments on the matter as being a direct protest from Her Majesty at the length of the sermons.

Today, only your imagination limits the use of sandglasses. You can use them to time meetings, phone calls, games and cooking. Or keep one in sight to remind you of the sweetly passing hours. Available in Cherry 9" or 12" heights.

9"H x 5.5" Dia. - 12"H x 6.75" Dia.