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Multi Function LED Emergency Smart Light

Multi Function LED Emergency Smart Light
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Multi-Function LED Emergency & Smart Light (LED-92M)

Hereís a Remarkable, Multi-Tasking LED Light Disguised as a Night Light! Rechargeable, with 3-Way Sensing, Itís Ready for Any Emergency!

  1. Automatically Senses a Power Outage and Becomes a Flashlight
  2. Automatically Senses Motion Nearby and Lights the Way
  3. Automatically Senses Darkness (Photoelectric) and becomes a Handy Night Light
  4. Emergency Flash Light

(Receive A Set of Two)

Power Failure Protection!

In an emergency situation, candles are dangerous and conventional flashlights are short-lived and if you can find them, soon quit on you. When Sentina detects power failure, it springs to life, turning itself on automatically, just when you need it. When the power is out, Sentina comes to the rescue for 8 full hours!

Because itís plugged in, itís always fully charged, and ready to give you 8 hours of steady light that gets you through the night. In everyday use, place it in high traffic areas, or in dark corners.

It Senses Motion in a Room

Sentina has a motion sensor function, and the unit will detect movement and switch on. The light stays lit for 1 minute, or can be adjusted to stay on for 10 minutes. No need to fumble for the light switch, the Sentina light greets you when enter the room.

When Darkness Falls Sentina is also a photoelectric night light. From dusk to dawn you are protected, automatically.

Plus! -- The Perfect Home Theater Light

Hereís another idea for Sentina. These little night lights add atmosphere and elegance to your home theatre setting! They are perfect for theater accent lights because thereís no glare to interfere with your big screen. Kill those bright overheads and let a brace of Sentinas frame your room.

Plus! -- Excellent Travelerís Light

Flying or driving on your vacation? Sentina is a great take along for hotel and motel rooms. No more stumbling about in the dark. And of course, on motion sensing, it will alert you to any movement in your room.

Smart Charger and Rechargeable batteries (Included)

The rechargeable batteries are always 100% charged when Sentina is kept plugged into an outlet. Thatís because Sentina comes with its own built-in charger and 3 long-life AAA NiMH, rechargeable batteries.

No need to replace the Bulb, Ever! LEDs last for 100,000 hours because they burn cool. Sentina is a 100% high-tech, high performance; cool burning LED. Itís a remarkable and versatile household light like no other light youíve seen. As the proverbial saying goes -- come hell or high water, Sentina is there for you. Donít be home without it!