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5,000 Hour Long Life A19 Full Spectrum Light Bulb - 60W

5,000 Hour Long Life A19 Full Spectrum Light Bulb - 60W
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A19 - 60 Watt Full Spectrum Light Bulb - 5,000 Hours - Indoor Use Only

Full Spectrum Rough Service Light Bulb

Natural light from the sun and sky has a balanced spectrum rendering colors perfectly.  However, most artificial bulbs emit light in only a narrow scope of the visual spectrum.  Aero-Tech's Full Spectrum bulbs are not colored or coated which could wear-off.  Instead, they are made with pure neodymium which is a rare earth element mixed right in with our glass that acts as a natural spectrum filter to diffuse the dull yellow / green parts.  This will produce a truer natural color which helps create a very pleasing environment.  Our glass is imported from Europe and manufactured here in America with long lasting quality for you!


Aero - Tech Light Bulb Co. presents the only 5,000 hour light bulb to our on-line customers. These bulbs are not only the best available on the market, but they are also the best made and are backed by a warranty against any failure associated with normal usage.  Since we released these incredible bulbs, customers have been purchasing from all over the world.  Once you try one of these light bulbs, you will never buy a standard regular bulb again.

Traditional light bulbs have a life expectancy of only 750 hours.  Our 5,000 hour light bulbs are more efficient, more durable, and last longer than 6 traditional bulbs.  The 5,000 hour bulb will burn 24 hours a day for over 208 days, nearly 7 months under normal conditions.  The manufacturer warranty guarantees that if one of our bulbs should burn out before its time under normal usage, we will replace it free of charge.  A Shipping charge of 3.95 will apply.  You cannot find another light bulb on the market with this type of unconditional warranty. These are simply the best light bulbs produced...and they are made with pride in the USA!

Helping the Environment!

In addition to saving money, you'll help the environment as well.  Each year, Americans alone discard 160 million tons of garbage.  Already 16,000 or 80% of all landfills were at capacity and closed by 1993.  The conventional glass bulb takes about 500 years to biodegrade.  By using fewer 26-1 Aero-Tech bulbs, you'll be reducing the trash load in America's shrinking and overflowing landfills.

More About Seasonal Affective Disorder

SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is a type of winter depression that affects an estimated half a million people every winter between September and April; in particular during December, January and February. 

What is SAD?

SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is a type of winter depression that affects an estimated half a million people every Winter between September and April, in particular during December, January and February.  It is caused by a biochemical imbalance in the hypothalamus due to the shortening of daylight hours and the lack of sunlight in winter.  For many people SAD is a seriously disabling illness, preventing them from functioning normally without continuous medical treatment.  For others, it is a mild but debilitating condition causing discomfort but not severe suffering. We call this subsyndromal SAD or 'winter blues.'


The symptoms of SAD usually recur regularly each Winter, starting between September and November and continuing until March or April. A diagnosis can be made after three or more consecutive Winters of symptoms, which include a number of the following:

Most sufferers show signs of a weakened immune, system during the Winter, and are more vulnerable to infections and other illnesses.  SAD symptoms disappear in Spring, either suddenly with a short period (e.g., four weeks) of hypomania or hyperactivity, or gradually, depending on the intensity of sunlight in the Spring and early Summer.   In sub-syndromal SAD, symptoms such as tiredness, lethargy, sleep and eating problems occur, but depression and anxiety are absent or mild.   SAD may begin at any age but the main age of onset is between 18 and 30 years.  It occurs throughout the northern and southern hemispheres but is extremely rare in those living within 30 degrees of the Equator, where daylight hours are long, constant and extremely bright.

Treating SAD

Light therapy has been shown to be effective in up to 85 per cent of diagnosed cases. That is, exposure, for up to four hours per day (average 1-2 hours) to very bright light, at least ten times the intensity of ordinary domestic lighting.

Ordinary light bulbs and fittings are not strong enough. Average domestic or office lighting emits an intensity of 200-500 lux but the minimum dose, necessary to treat SAD is 2500 lux, The intensity of a bright summer day can be 100,000 lux!

A Report from the Mayo Clinic also says the following about Light therapy.

Using The Aero-Tech 5,000 Hour Full Spectrum Bulb can aide in getting the recommended amount of light per day needed to get rid of the winter blahhhs.  It is recommended you contact your personal physician with any concerns about using light therapy for treatment.


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