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Oxygenics Elite Series Gold Showerhead

Oxygenics Elite Series Gold Showerhead
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Oxygenics Elite Skin Care Series Gold 720-XLF25

The Pampered Guests At Five Star Hotels Love This Showerhead

Revolutionary Oxygenics Showerhead Adds 10 Times The Oxygen to every shower you take. From your first shower you’ll feel the invigorating difference and fitness experts are raving about its oxygen rich benefits. Imagine, your daily shower revitalizing your body and inhibiting free radicals that can damage and age your skin. Using the same principle as a jet engine the showerhead continually sucks in fresh air and infuses it into the water creating a powerful Oxygenating spray of revitalizing oxygen enriched water.

The moment you turn it on you realize this is like no other showerhead you’ve ever experienced. Showering leaves skin and hair squeaky clean by putting 10 X more oxygen on the surface of your skin.   Conservation: because of its design in less than a year your Oxygenics Showerhead will pay for itself in water conservation. That’s just one reason why hotels love it but hotels and spas are happiest about the raves they receive from their satisfied guests. It feels great, saves money, and it’s great for your skin. Works with any water pressure, the air intake compensates for low pressure. Easy set up, average time about three minutes, works with any standard shower line. Never needs cleaning, all new technology.

The World's first self-pressurizing shower fixture that adapts to low and variable water pressure.  Designed to save 30-70% of water used by traditional shower fixtures, the Oxygenics Elite SkinCare shower ensures a superior and refreshing shower experience, everytime.  

Oxygenics showerheads are the only high-caliber fixtures on the market with the complete package - a powerful self-pressurizing sensational shower spray, a reduced water and energy bill, and a sleek durable design. The core of Oxygenics showerheads are made of Dupont Delrin - Learn More , an acetal resin similar to Teflon, providing the required strength, toughness, and resistance to corrosion and scale buildup that is necessary to ensure long lasting performance. The moment you turn on the Oxygenics Elite SkinCare shower you'll realize this is like no other showerhead you've ever experienced. Oxygenics will be your shower choice for life.


The Oxygenics Elite Series meets ANSI standard testing and materials specifications A112.18.1M-1996.  Designed to function appropriately at pressures no less than 20 psi. Constructed to withstand pressures of 150 psi and temperatures up to 160° F.  The flow device is of a single orifice design. It is constructed of injection molded Delrin acetal. The device is machine pressed into the spray nozzle and cannot be removed with a straight pushing or pulling force of less than 100 lbs.

Equipped with a comfort control lever. The lever assembly glides on “o” rings made from molded rubber. As a safety feature, when the comfort control is turned to the lowest position, water will continue to flow.  The spray nozzle is constructed of Delrin acetal resin. The nozzle uses a venturi system consisting of 16 air entrance ports, which allow air to increase the spray velocity. Oxygen levels in the water are increased as well.  Outer covering of the spray nozzle is made of plated ABS plastic, enhancing the showerhead’s appearance and muffling the venturi system.  Utilizes a ball and socket base allowing for adjustment. Ball is constructed with Delrin acetal. The seating washer is designed to seal around the ball swivel when compressed by assembly. The base connector is made from free machining brass and CBA alloy. The base fits any standard 1/2” male threaded shower arm.


Also Available in Brushed Nickel and Chrome

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