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Hand Held Shower Multi Head Trispa - Chrome

Hand Held Shower Multi Head Trispa - Chrome
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Picture The Perfect Showerhead 3 Different Sprays - CHROME FINISH
Same Amazing Shower In A Handheld Model!

Are you tired of the same old, boring, predictable shower?
Now you don't need to be with the Worlds Smartest Shower Head - Feel Clean All Over From Head To Toe.

Is it possible for a showerhead to be smart? Can it provide the satisfaction you demand? Finally, a showerhead that is as smart as you. Whether the goal is customer satisfaction, increased profits, or simply the desire for an indulgent shower, the TriSpa Series offers up a smart set of benefits.  The TriSpa incorporates the patented smart technology of Oxygenics into an all-new revolutionized multi-spray showerhead.  It offers THREE pressurized spray patterns for a dynamic and luxurious shower experience. It is like nothing we’ve done before and like nothing you’ve ever tried. 

You Asked For It. You Got It. Two additional SmartSprays bring Oxygenics performance to a whole new level!  The first setting is the patented Oxygenics core which combines revolutionary technology and precise engineering for the shower of a lifetime. The patented technology infuses oxygen into each and every drop. The dense pressurized spray pattern will envelope you in blissful pleasure.  Twist the cap for a multi-jet hydro massage. Thick streams of water emerge from multiple jets, designed to produce strong, enriching sensations for spa-like pleasure and soothing calmness. 

Twist the cap again and immerse yourself in the blissful renewal of focused streams. Small pressurized jets of oxygen enriched water massage and awaken your entire body. Revel in a rejuvenating rinse that will make all your senses come alive.

Oxygenics has been trusted for over 25 years to deliver the finest shower experience possible. The TriSpa ensures a superior shower with the look and refinement of pure luxury!  The TriSpa showerhead is durable, beautiful, and satisfying. It is the complete package - three powerful, sensational SmartSprays, a reduced water and energy bill, and a luxurious durable design. It has everything to offer and will leave you completely satisfied.

Features and Benefits

The first 3-spray showerhead with Oxygenics technology
Each SmartSpray incorporates self-pressurizing technology to enhance the total shower performance. No matter which spray its set to, the TriSpa will deliver an invigorating shower.

The same great shower
The patented technology so many have grown to love is still the featured spray of the TriSpa. The Oxygenics core will deliver the strong jet-like spray that Oxygenics has become known for. The two additional smart sprays allow you to customize your shower for a whole new kind of Oxygenics experience.

The TriSpa ensures even, superior flow for a clean-rinsing and invigorating shower experience in all pressurized water systems.  Each of the spray settings offers a unique pressurized shower sensation.

Increased oxygen is beneficial
Oxygen content is increased up to 10 times which stimulates and rejuvinates skin cells.

Engineered using Delrin acetal resin
Acetal resin eliminates clogging, increases durability, and resists corrosion and mineral build-up. It is guaranteed never to clog.

Uses just 1.75 gallons/minute @ 60 psi
The TriSpa Series conserves water, saving 30-70% vs. traditional showerheads. Hotels can save millions of gallons of heated water per year and thousands of dollars.

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