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Oxygenics IntelliShower Chrome Showerhead

Oxygenics IntelliShower Chrome Showerhead
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The Oxygenics IntelliShower Chrome Showerhead pushes Oxygenics technology to the next level of pressurized showering by adapting to the incoming pressure. The four patented cores make up two powerful spray settings that maximize performance and efficiency. The dual sprays deliver full body coverage while saving up to 70% in water and energy consumption compared to traditional fixtures.

There is no other showerhead brand on the market that uses the patented core technology of Oxygenics showerheads and no other showerheads are able to deliver the same powerful pressurized results.  The innovative design injects air into the water stream as the accelerator fin increases the velocity of the outbound water. The result is a powerful full body oxygenated spray that feels amazing and saves water and money at the same time.

The easy twist spray selection lever makes enjoying each spray quick and easy. The first spray is the patented Oxygenics core which delivers an invigorating full body spray and the newly designed Tri Core spray incorporates three Oxygenics mini cores which create a wide, robust spray. Regardless of the inbound water flow, these sprays are sure to deliver a powerful punch of showering pleasure.

Features and Benefits

Oxygenics technology saves thousands of gallons of water per fixture per year in demanding commercial and residential environments.  Conserving water and natural resources is one way to move towards sustainability. Using a water conserving showerhead not only saves water, but it also saves energy.

Our Oxygenics IntelliShower Showerhead also comes in a variety of colors including Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Gold, Oil Rubbed Bronze and White (See Related Items Below)