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Pestacator Solar Ground Rodent Repeller

Pestacator Solar Ground Rodent Repeller
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Pest-a-cator Solar Mole Gopher Vole Rodent Repeller

The ground rodent repeller was designed to emit an audio signal every 15 seconds. As a result of their very sharp hearing, it is believed that this audio signal will have a disturbing effect on the behavior of underground rodents. Depending on the soil conditions, this audio signal may cover an area up to approximately 100 feet in diameter.

How to use:

  1. Push the pointed end into the ground close to the network of passages created by the ground rodents. DO NOT USE A HAMMER! In hard or very compact ground , we would advise pre-drilling a hole before inserting the unit.
  2. Remove clear film covering the solar panel.
  3. To turn the unit on push and hold the button on the under side of the unit until you feel or hear the audio signal.
  4. To lessen the possibility of ground rodents becoming used to the device, we would advise you to relocate the device regularly.
  5. In the event of frost, it is advisable to remove the unit from the ground.
  6. For larger areas where multiple units are desired, we would recommend spacing the units approximately 100 feet apart from one another. Keep in mind that you may still want to relocate all of the devices regularly.

Similar to any other pest management techniques, no one method is completely effective, and a program of integrated management involving a variety of techniques and practices is likely to provide the desired results.

*The Solar Ground Rodent Repeller is a dual solar cell. The two solar panels together have an operation output voltage of approximately 3.6 Volts (under ample sunlight). The dual solar panels charge a three cell 3.6 volt battery. This enables the unit to work in times of low light or no light conditions. A fully charged battery takes approximately 14 days to expire. The recharge rate depends on the amount and direction of incoming sunlight. It takes approximately 6 hours of direct sunlight to fully recharge the battery.

*The manufacturer in house engineer inspected the units and claimed them to be built very well.