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Portable Electronic Infrared Heating System

Portable Electronic Infrared Heating System
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The Portable Furnace infrared heating system is a revolutionary concept offering more efficient heat at less cost.  The Portable Furnace’s impressive air quality and effective heating performance are the result of an innovative system design using absorption of infrared energy by a unique heat exchanger to produce, mix, circulate and recycle heated air at the proper location.  The resulting even distribution minimizes heat loss at walls, windows, and ceilings; saving heat, energy and money! This system heats air in much the same way that the sun heats the earth and its atmosphere by means of safe infrared absorption.

Unlike Kerosene, gas, or wood heating which must have excessive ventilation, (cold air coming into the house) the Portable Furnace permits the structure to be closed for efficient heating with no danger of monoxide poisoning or asphyxiation.  The Portable Furnace heaters are equipped with a lifetime washable static filter system which will remove airborne particles as the air is pulled into the Portable Furnace heating system. The Portable Furnace is constructed of lifetime galvanized steel, copper and aluminum metals.

New Wave of Energy Efficient Heat

Here's how the Portable Furnace provides more comfortable & efficient heat.

A low CFM fan quietly draws ambient (room) air into a plenum through the lifetime washable air filter; then the air is gently forced through the heat exchanger. The temperature of the air passing through the unit is increased by approximately 46° C (115° F) then delivered back into the room through the exhaust grill. This heating unit is safe enough to be housed in a real wood oak veneer cabinet with casters for ease of mobility.

  1. Air Inlet: Return Air Enters Rear of Unit
  2. Fan: Permanently lubricated, maintenance free fan moves 120 cubic ft. of air per minute.  Continuous-Duty Rated.  A quiet, energy-efficient portable furnace, circulates and recycles heated air through the Lamp Chamber providing even heat from floor to ceiling.
  3. Lamps: Four unfiltered infra-red lamps.  The exclusive design of the heat exchanger absorbs heat energy from four powerful, long-lasting infra-red industrial lamps, converting the energy to heat for transfer to the air.  This heating approach protects recycled air from loss of humidity.
  4. Lamp Chamber: Non-reflective steel chamber for maximum absorption of infra-red light energy.
  5. Thermostat: Temperature control.
  6. Solid-State Control Relay: Turns lamps on and off when signaled by thermostat.
  7. High Limit Safety Switch: Will turn unit off if temperature of lamp chamber exceeds 190 degrees.
  8. Fan Control Switch: Operates fan motor when temperature in lamp chamber reaches 90 degrees.
  9. Exclusive Heat Exchanger: Metal plate with multiple rows of hollow venturi-tubes.  maximum Heat transfer occurs in the heat chamber as the air passes around and through the hot tubes of the heat exchanger, increasing air temperature for re-entering to living area.
  10. Air Outlet Grill: Heated energized air exits front of unit.  Clean, comfortable heated air gently flows into the living area, mixing and stabilizing air at the floor for more even temperature distribution and more effective floor-level circulation and recycling.

Benefits and Other Information

Safety:  Extensive testing has verified the safety of the Portable Furnace zone furnace. Safe, clean infrared lamps provide the heat; there is no combustion or fumes.  Due to its safe operating temperature, the Portable Furnace may be placed next to flammable materials with no safety clearance needed. The Portable Furnace heating system has been approved by zero clearance and A-1 INSURANCE rating!  This highest safety rating means lowest possible insurance costs.  The Portable Furnace will not burn or create a fire hazard; complete safety is number one for all, including small children.

Economy: The unique Portable Furnace process virtually prevents the wasteful air layering of conventional systems. The heat does not accumulate near the ceiling.  By using individual controlled units the radiant heater system provides heat only where and when it is needed. Zone heating – Economical Heating.  Portable Furnace zone heating is less expensive per heated square foot and requires no expensive duct installation, therefore, no heat is lost every time the unit runs. The Portable Furnace uses standard 100 volt household current, no special 110 volt wiring or chimney vent.  Portable Furnace has lower operating and maintenance costs. There is only one moving part, the fan motor, and is equipped with quality trouble free controls. There are no burners to rust corrode or adjust; no pilot light to waste energy. Safe, clean, long-life infrared lamps provide the heat energy and are replaced easily and inexpensively (Average lamp life is 5000+ hours or approximately 3-5 years), The Portable Furnace is constructed of lifetime metals, copper, galvanized steel and aluminum.

Comfort:  Portable Furnace provides even heat distribution and warmer floors.  Portable Furnace thermostatically controls, circulates and recycles heated air at the floor for maximum use and comfort. The floor to ceiling temperature differential is minor.  Portable Furnace zone heating does not remove humidity from the air, it actually helps to maintain humidity levels. Water does not readily condense on windows as with conventional systems. Even heating and humidity provide more comfort at lower heat settings with less static electricity.  As the Portable Furnace operates, you will notice that its heating ability does not depend on a high-speed flow of air. Instead, its gentle airflow promotes more effective heat mixing action and air stability at the floor.

Soft Heat: The Portable Furnace does not burn, dry out or otherwise pollute the air with impurities. This protects the humidity level and air quality important to health and breathing comfort.

Clean and Convenient: Portable Furnace has no messy tanks to fill, wicks to clean, wood to hassle, ashes to carry and leaves no soot film on walls and drapery. The Portable Furnace is convenient to use, just plug it in to any 100-volt receptacle.

Polytron Static Filter System: The Portable Furnace comes equipped with a washable filter Polytron static filter which is easy to clean. We recommend that the filter be cleaned once a month or as needed.

Performance Suggestions: To assure maximum performance of the Portable Furnace heating system, please note the following recommendations:

  1. For maximum efficiency, locate the Portable Furnace on an inside wall, exhausting toward the outside wall.
  2. If the Portable Furnace is used in an area with bare concrete floors, position the unit a minimum of three feet above the floor.
  3. For maximum efficiency, do not locate the Portable Furnace in an area with a high rate of air filtration.
  4. To insure maximum efficiency, a 40% (minimum) relative humidity should be maintained in the heated environment.
  5. The Portable Furnace is designed to operate for maximum efficiency up to the 70-72 degree range.
  6. When the Portable Furnace is placed in an isolated area, i.e., basement, recreation area, the delivery registers and return air grills of the existing system should be closed in that area if possible.
  7. For efficiency, the Portable Furnace is not recommended for areas with exposed, uninsulated concrete or metal walls.

Technical Specifications:

Frequently Asked Questions About Portable Furnace

What is a Portable Furnace?
A Portable Furnace is a revolutionary zone furnace that safely and efficiently heats entire areas that need additional heat.

What makes the Portable Furnace different?
There are three major heating systems in existence today. The first, is combustion or the burning of a given fuel, i.e. natural gas, wood, oil, etc… The second, is resistance or the process of applying an electrical current to a coil or resistor which produces heat, i.e. base board and electric space heaters. The third, is the use of infrared light energy, which is similar to the way the sun heats the earth. The Portable Furnace uses safe infrared absorption to efficiently convert electrical power into even, economical zone or area heating.

How does the comfort of Portable Furnace compare to other systems?
The Portable Furnace is a state of the art system that provides the most comfortable form of heat. Unlike traditional systems, which may leave a differential of up to 18 degrees from floor to ceiling, the Portable Furnace heated air, using infrared absorption, does not concentrate near the ceiling. Heat stays down and evenly dispersed in the area where you and your family live. Temperature difference from floor to ceiling is minimal. In addition, the Portable Furnace does not remove humidity from the air. It actually helps maintain humidity levels. The even heating and higher humidity permit lower heat settings with more comfort, less condensation on windows and less static electricity. Furthermore, the Portable Furnace does not use flame, fuel or any form of combustion. Therefore, the heat from the Portable Furnace is safe and clean – free of any other type of pollution and does not use up the oxygen in the air.

Economically, how does the Portable Furnace compare to other systems?
The Portable Furnace is the most economical way to heat. In Midwestern Utility field tests for heating seasons, the Portable Furnace used an average of 35% less energy than conventional electric furnace / baseboard systems.. Comparable results were found during comparisons with fuel based heating systems. Individual results, of course, depend on insulation values, local climate, and other conditions.

How much does a Portable Furnace cost?
The Portable Furnace, is an excellent source of primary heat for up to 500 square feet and a superb source of secondary heat for up to 800 square feet! Regular price per unit is $549.95 with FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the US and Canada!  (Excluding Alaska, Puerto Rico & Hawaii)

Why does the Portable Furnace cost more than a space heater?
It is a furnace in every respect. A space heater only has the capacity to heat a small space (e.g. under a desk). The Portable Furnace, like a central heating system, will heat an entire area evenly and efficiently. This allows the unit to be a supplemental source of heat. Furthermore, the Portable Furnace is safe. It will not start a fire or burn if you touch it. Because of the reduced energy consumption, and the unit’s high level of safety and comfort, Portable Furnace users agree that it is the best value available.

Why is the Portable Furnace safe?
The Portable Furnace has no flame or fumes. Its safe, clean infrared lamps provide the energy. Extensive testing at C.S.A. (Canada) and E.T.L. (Europe) has verified the safety of the Portable Furnace. Due to its safe operating temperature, the Portable Furnace may be placed next to flammable materials with no safety clearance needed.

How long has the Portable Furnace been around?
The Portable Furnace technology was developed nearly 30 years ago. Since that time, there are more than 100,000 units now operating in both residential and commercial applications.

Why doesn’t the heat from the Portable Furnace rise like conventional heating systems?
It is important to first understand how conventional heating systems operate. These systems produce superheated air (i.e. extreme temperatures during the burning or resistance process) which rises to the top of the room instantly and wastefully collects until the air cools and falls. In contrast, the Portable Furnace’s use of infrared absorption allows it to heat (energize the air in the room) without the use of superheated air eliminating the stratification of hot and cold air. The Portable Furnace heats an area evenly, keeping heat down where you and your family live.

What kind of warranty does it have?
The Portable Furnace has an extensive 3 year warranty – including lamps. The unit has no moving parts except the fan. Trouble free solid-state controls. Portable Furnace technology eliminates the need for furnace filters. No burners to rust, corrode, or adjust. No pilot light to waste energy. 3 Year Extended Warranty also available, select button at top of listing - 6 Years Total.

How much power does the Portable Furnace draw?
The Portable Furnace uses 1500 watts. That is less than a coffee maker!

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