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Infrared Thermometer

Infrared Thermometer
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In less than a second you can take the temperature of just about anything. Pull the trigger and position the red laser dot on the surface you want to measure and presto the exact temperature is displayed on the LCD screen. Works from 1 inch to 25 feet, temperature range from 0 to 500 Fahrenheit or 18 to 260 Celsius. Unit has hundreds of uses: troubleshoot engines, diagnose cooling systems, brakes, radiators, etc. Home heating and cooling, monitor registers, perform energy audits. Electrical, check panels for hot spots. Food Safety: check holding and serving temperature such as salad bars, check ovens, ranges, outdoor grills. There are hundreds of other uses, you can even tell how much beer is left in a keg, just aim at the top of the keg and slowly lower the laser dot down the side of the keg. At the level where there is remaining beer the temperature will show a marked change.