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Ultrasonic & Electromagnetic Roach Repeller

Ultrasonic & Electromagnetic Roach Repeller
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How To Get Rid of Roaches with our Electronic Dual System Roach Repeller.  Just plug it in, high power dual speakers will keep those creepy crawly bugs away from your home.  This dual technology unit  will protect your home, how you may ask?  The manufacturer recommends a minimum of one unit for an average size home.  A second unit is recommended for larger homes.  Additional units are recommended for multiple floor structures.  Example: a two story home should have two units one one each floor.  Our repeller also works for rats and mice.  For additional protection, use a unit in high problem areas. 

Sonic Frequencies and your Pets:  Pestcontroll (PC12C) produces ultrasonic sound above the hearing range of common domestic pets such as dogs, cats, snakes and birds.  If you have pets like hamsters, mice or rabbits you will need to turn the ultrasonic switch to off.  This Roach Repeller will not affect electronic appliances such as computers or TV's.  For indoor use only in your home, office, school dorm room or wherever you have a rodent / roach problem.

For written documentation on performance and testing please view the following file.
Lentek Pest Contro Test Information PDF


Electromagnetic Features:

PestContro II uses a new technology called “phase-shift-current”.  By shifting the electromagnetic field throughout your home’s existing electrical wiring, PestContro II affects the central nervous system of most household pests, driving them from their nests in the walls, ceilings, and floors where the majority of pest problems exist. This feature works throughout the wiring of the house and will cover a home up to 2500 square ft. (232 sq. meters). The red light will flash continuously indicating that this feature is active.

Ultrasonic Features:

The Electromagnetic feature will help to control the pest problem in your walls. However, the ultrasonic feature is designed to control household pests within the living area. It helps repel the flying insects and other pests in your home.  Ultrasound may affect rodent pets just as it affects unwanted rodents. It is recommended to keep rodent pets (mice, gerbils, hamsters, rabbits) in a separate, closed-off area of the home, away from the ultrasonic effect of PestContro II. If your rodent pet will be temporarily in the same room with PestContro II, you can turn the ultrasonic feature OFF using the switch on the side of the unit.  The green light will turn off when the ultrasound is not active.  The ultrasonic sound benefits will be effective throughout the living area of the home, only if doors are left open. Ultrasound can not transmit through walls and doors. There will be a stronger effect of ultrasound within the room where it is placed. If you would like additional ultrasound protection, we recommend you purchase an additional PestContro II. 

Placement of Unit:

We recommend placing the unit in the one room where you have the greatest pest problem or a centrally located position within the home. If two units are required, plug into outlets at opposite ends of your home, or on separate floors. The RED light will flash indicating the unit is working properly and the GREEN light will be solid if the ultrasonic sound is turned on.

NOTE: PestContro II can be used with horizontal outlets.

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