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Spotwave Cell Phone Repeater Booster

Spotwave Cell Phone Repeater Booster
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The Z1900 is a high-performance cell phone repeater system which boosts wireless signals and ensures reliable coverage for cell phones, PDAs and 3G laptop air cards.

Providing wireless coverage for homes and small offices up to 2,500 sq ft, the Z1900 is Spotwave's most cost-effective solution for the wireless subscriber at home, and supports all wireless voice and data services being delivered in the PCS (1900 MHz) band.

The Z1900 boosts weak cellular signals in your home or small office! It will also improves voice call quality and reception ensuring you can make or take important calls when you need.  The cell phone booster will even enhanced 3G data performance enables quick file downloads.  No more dropped calls due to poor indoor cell coverage and will lower cell phone power emissions and extends phone battery life.  The Spotwave supports any carrier delivering voice and data services in the PCS band in your area.  Its quick to install and operate with no recurring costs. Our product is a network protecting solution with everything you need, included in the box.

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Works With the Following Carriers & Services:

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The Z1900 improves voice and data services for most wireless service providers in North America operating in the PCS (1900 MHz) band.  Z1900 typically boosts cell coverage for Cingular voice services, Sprint PCS voice & data services and T-Mobile Voice and data services.  These services operate in different frequencies depending on your location use our handy tool to verify that Z1900 product will work for you in your area.

Technical Specifications: System Specifications and Performance PCS

What's Included With Our System: Our repeater systems are supplied with everything you need for an optimal cell signal: