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Auto Sensor Super Bright Rite Lite Battery Powered LED Puck Light (Set of 3)

Auto Sensor Super Bright Rite Lite Battery Powered LED Puck Light (Set of 3)
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The Rite Lite Super Bright Battery Powered LED Puck Light with Auto Sensor is perfect for bookshelves, closets, workshops and kitchens.  Set of 3 Super Bright White under counter lights with 5 LED's each.  This new unit includes an ambient light sensor.  When the unit is in that mode, it senses ambient light and turns on.  When the light goes away, the unit automatically turns off.  In places such as under the sink by your kitchen chemicals this would be particularly useful.  When the kitchen cabinet opens, the light goes on.  When the door shuts, the light goes off.

The Auto Sensor Super Bright Wireless LED Puck light will

Provide bright light where you need it.  Super Bright LED's last up to 100,000 hours.  Press once for full brightness and again for softer light.  Press one more time and the unit will turn off.  You can also place in Auto mode where the sensor will turn on when it senses light and go off when it becomes dark as described above.  Conveniently swivels and pivots to give you light right where you need to to accent shelves in the most precise direction.  Easy to install, use hook and loop tape or screw. (Both Included).

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