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Swivel Sweeper

Swivel Sweeper
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Swivel Sweeper is the new floor and carpet sweeper that lets you clean dirt and messes faster and easier than ordinary cordless sweepers.  It combines the cleaning power of Quad Brush Technology (four sides of powerful rotating bushes) and a 360 degree swivel feature to easily maneuver around furniture and other objects.

Features and Specifications:

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is included in the Swivel Sweeper Set?
    A: You get the Swivel Sweeper, Rechargeable Battery and Charger.
  2. Is the Swivel Sweeper motorized?  What powers it?
    A: Yes, the Swivel Sweeper is powered by a rechargeable battery. (NiMH) Battery.
  3. How powerful is the motor?
    A: The motor is a powerful 7.2 volts.
  4. How long does the battery last?
    A: On a full charge, the battery lasts about 30 minutes when used on carpets and 45 minutes on floors.
  5. What are the dimensions of the Swivel Sweeper?
    A: It's approximately 4 feet tall and the head of the unit is approximately 12 inches.

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